Intensive Courses

Study in London or online to boost your skills in 2 to 30 days.

Improve your English pronunciation, connected speech, intonation and accent in short, intensive courses. Studying with our IPA Certified teaching team, you can give your spoken English a boost in a short, intensive study program.

Courses are available in a small group (max 8 students), individually and individually online. All courses include ‘The Sound of English’ course pack containing the drills, exercises and audio for use after your course. Located in Central London, Pronunciation Studio is easy to reach from all areas of London, convenient for visitors and residents.

On top of the practical improvement in pronunciation, the lessons increased my confidence based on the concrete knowledge of sounds and rules. Read Akiko’s and many more testimonials. 

Course Options

Please note that the summer months, particularly August, tend to be fully booked, so if you are planning an intensive course in June-August, we advise booking as early as possible. 

Group (max 8/class)

Available as 2 day weekend courses (see Accent Reduction program) and 5 day ‘The Sound of English’ course. Groups are fun, practical, effective and offer the lowest course prices. View group courses. 


The fastest and most flexible way to improve. Study when you choose. Intensive rates are lower than standard individual lessons if you study between 9-17:00 Monday to Friday.


Individual lessons taken via Skype in 45 minute sessions. Take anything from 3 to 15 sessions in a month at lower rates for intensive. View online intensive courses. 

Course Prices


3 Hours £195.00 | Purchase
5 Hours £325.00 | Purchase
10 Hours £595.00 | Purchase
15 Hours £875.00 | Purchase 
20 Hours £1145.00 | Purchase
30 Hours £1675.00 | Purchase
40 Hours £2195.00 | Purchase


2 Day Courses (4 Levels)
Booking & Dates
1 level £245.00
2 levels £445.00
3 levels £595.00
4 levels £745.00

5 Day Course
Booking & Dates
30 hour course £349.00


3 classes in 7 days £119.99
5 classes in 14 days £179.99
10 classes in 30 days £329.99
15 classes in 30 days £449.99

Purchase here. 

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