This summer learn the sounds, IPA and intonation of standard English pronunciation, one to one with Pronunciation Studio teachers online.


Pronouncing and selecting vowel and consonant sounds accurately


Using the English phonetic alphabet and spelling to speech sounds.


Mastering pitch, rhythm and stress to create English melody.

So if you need to work on sounds, your course will target the harder ones for you and give you plenty of targeted practice. If you would like to develop your skills in connected speech or stress or intonation, your course will focus on these.

Most individual courses include a mixture of each skill to develop the pronunciation level in each area.

Intensive summer courses are taken between 09:00-17:00 Monday to Friday UK time (if you would like to study outside of these times or non-intensively, please see ‘Individual Training’).

Courses are 4 hours of 121 training per week, normally 4 x 1 hour classes on different days. You can purchase any course on the links below, however, we advise checking that your preferred timetable is available first (using the contact form below).

1 Week – £299
2 Weeks – £579
3 Weeks – £849
4 Weeks – £1079
6 Weeks – £1549
8 Weeks – £1899

If you would like to take an assessment class before booking a course, please see booking information here.

All courses include ‘The Sound of English Pronunciation’ – 140 page book with over 200 audio files. It covers each sound of English, connected speech and IPA.

Every chapter covers a different group of sounds with diagrams, example words and sentences. The course was designed at Pronunciation Studio specifically to meet our learners’ needs.

You can download a starter pack containing the first chapter and an example of each sound of English here.

Starter Pack

Since 2008 our team of IPA certified teachers have helped thousands of learners from all over the world on our intensive summer group courses.

Unfortunately, this year we cannot hold group or face to face courses owing to Coronavirus restrictions. So this year we’re bringing the same courses directly to you online.

  • This place is great to improve your pronunciation. I took the weekend courses and then some individual lessons via Skype.
    The teachers are very passionate and will look at each...
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    Ephel Itzcovich Avatar
    Ephel Itzcovich

    Purchased introductory session and block of 5 individual lessons in November 2017. Administrator is responsive and effective quickly arranged me sessions. On introductory session we discussed my goals, and analysed... read more

    Elik Khussainova Avatar
    Elik Khussainova

    Very positive experience with my teachers Zainab and Tom. The course provided me with the tools to carry on improving my English independently. While studying, I still hear Tom and... read more

    Bordo G Avatar
    Bordo G
  • I had classes for Zainab to help reduce my accent. She is very knowledgeable, professional and friendly. After the course I noticed a significant improvement in my pronunciation. I... read more

    fernandomd . Avatar
    fernandomd .

    I took the 4 days intensive course and I can highly recommend this training if you want to learn the technique to produce the correct english pronunciation and sound. The... read more

    Brian Douglas Avatar
    Brian Douglas

    Zainab is a highly skilled teacher and the techniques and tips from her have significantly helped me to improve my accent.

    Meow Hui Avatar
    Meow Hui

How to Book

1) Please fill in the form so that we can reserve your time slots. You can also call 0207 4040777 to do this.

2) When you have confirmed the timetable, we will send you a payment link for your course (you can also find these above in ‘Course Options’.

3) Once payment is received, your course is booked and you will receive ‘The Sound of English’ downloads ready to begin classes with your teacher.

4) Log onto Skype or Zoom at the reserved time to begin your course with your teacher.

If you have any questions, please contact us.

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