Learn the sounds and intonation of standard British English (GB) in a small group (2 to 6 learners) in central London. A practical 2 level structure with evening, weekend and intensive course options available.

In ’45 Sounds’ we learn how to pronounce every sound of GB English. This involves practising where to place and how to use the articulators (tongue, jaw, throat, air flow, voice) and how to join sounds together in connected speech. We also learn how these sounds appear in written English and their IPA symbols.


– Mouth Positions
– Joining
– Spelling to Sound
– IPA Symbols

In ‘Stress & Intonation’ the focus is firstly on choosing and producing clear stresses within words and sentences in an accurate English way. We then look at how to use the 3 intonation patterns of English (falling, fall-rising, rising) to create emotion and attitude in our speech. All of these elements are applied in practical conversation practice.


– Volume, Pitch & Length
– Stress Selection
– Pace & Pausing
– Intonation Patterns

Each level is 12 hours and can be taken in the following formats:

8 Week

8 x 90 minute classes / level
18:00-19:30 or 19:30-21:00
£299 – 1 Level / £549 – 2 Levels

Dates and booking info

2 Day

Sat + Sun – 1 weekend / level
£299 – 1 Level / £549 – 2 Levels

Dates and booking info. 

4 Day

Both levels in 4 days
Mon-Thurs 10:00-17:00
£399 – 2 Levels

Dates and booking info. 


Weekend Intensive | 9-10/11 | Level 1Book Now
4 Day Intensive | 11-14/11 | Level 1 + 2 | Book Now
Thursday Evenings  | 14/11 – 16/01 | Level 1Book Now
Thursday Evenings  | 28/11 – 30/01 | Level 1Book Now


4 Day Intensive | 2 -5/12 | Level 1 + 2 | Book Now
Weekend Intensive | 14-15/12 | Level 2Book Now


Tuesday Evenings  | 7/1 – 25/2 | Level 1Book Now
Weekend Intensive | 11-12/1 | Level 1Book Now
4 Day Intensive | 13-16/1 | Level 1 + 2 | Book Now
Thursday Evenings  | 23/1 – 12/3 | Level 1Book Now


Weekend Intensive | 1-2/2 | Level 1Book Now
Tuesday Evenings  | 18/2 – 17/4 | Level 1Book Now
Thursday Evenings  | 6/2 – 26/3 | Level 2Book Now
4 Day Intensive | 10-13/2 | Level 1 + 2 | Book Now


Tuesday Evenings  | 3/3 – 21/4 | Level 1Book Now
Weekend Intensive | 7-8/3 | Level 2 Book Now
4 Day Intensive | 9-12/3 | Level 1 + 2 | Book Now
Thursday Evenings  | 19/3 – 7/5 | Level 1Book Now


Thursday Evenings  | 2/4 – 21/5 | Level 1Book Now
4 Day Intensive | 6-9/4 | Level 1 + 2 | Book Now
Tuesday Evenings  | 14/4 – 2/6 | Level 1Book Now
Weekend Intensive | 4-5/4 | Level 1 Book Now
Tuesday Evenings  | 28/4 – 16/6 | Level 1Book Now

We have been running group courses in central London since 2008. In that time we’ve worked with thousands of learners from over 100 countries.

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    Seiko Saito Avatar
    Seiko Saito

    This place is great to improve your pronunciation. I took the weekend courses and then some individual lessons via Skype.
    The teachers are very passionate and will look at each...
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    Ephel Itzcovich Avatar
    Ephel Itzcovich

    Purchased introductory session and block of 5 individual lessons in November 2017. Administrator is responsive and effective quickly arranged me sessions. On introductory session we discussed my goals, and analysed... read more

    Elik Khussainova Avatar
    Elik Khussainova
  • I had level 1 weekend class, it was really helpful! A lot of things need to remember and practice but I’m glad I did it and Tom is very experienced... read more

    Mi zhou Avatar
    Mi zhou

    I took the 4 days intensive course and I can highly recommend this training if you want to learn the technique to produce the correct english pronunciation and sound. The... read more

    Brian Douglas Avatar
    Brian Douglas

    I'd had several English classes at different academies ,but at pronunciation studio it was the first time someone explained me about English phonetics and pronunciation. Now I can read phonetics... read more

    ramon stunt Avatar
    ramon stunt

What materials are provided?

You receive ‘The Sound of English Pronunciation’ with full audio pack in your first class and you receive the ebook version of this when you make your booking. Download a free sample of the pack here. 

What’s your cancellation policy?

You can cancel any time up to 5 days before the course is due to begin for a full refund minus £15 processing fee. Cancellations within 5 days of course start date are not refundable.

What’s the minimum and maximum group size?

The groups are from 2 to 6 people. In the very rare case that there is just one person booked, we offer the choice of a full refund or a shorter individual course.

Where do classes take place?

In central London at Pronunciation Studio in Holborn – 22 Bloomsbury Square, WC1A 2NS. See our contact page for more information.

Is there a minimum English level?

Our teachers will speak at normal native speed in class, so it is essential that learners can follow this without getting lost. The courses are suitable on this basis, for high intermediate to proficient level speakers.

What happens if I miss a class?

If you can’t attend one of your classes, your teacher will show you which parts of the course materials you have missed. If you would like to take the class, you can book a 30 minute or 60 minute 121 class at a special rate (£30/30 minute, £60/60 minute) and go through the material with your teacher.

Do you offer accommodation for visitors?

We don’t provide accommodation. If you are visiting to take a course, we recommend London University Rooms – which rents out student accommodation at affordable prices.