Assessment Class

Discover your strengths and weaknesses in English sounds, connected speech and intonation.

An assessment class is the first step to improving the way you sound in English. 60 minutes of tuition with an MA/BA/IPA certified Pronunciation Studio tutor who will hear you pronounce the 45 sounds of GB English and give you detailed feedback on your sound production, intonation and accent.

After taking an assessment, you will know exactly which areas of your speech you need to work on most and how to do so. Included with the class is the full ‘The Sound of English’ 140 page course book with audio, covering the sounds, structures and intonation of GB English.

It’s easy to book an assessment, with classes available daily 10:00-21:00 in Central London – or if you cannot visit, you can take the class online via Skype.

What’s included?

An assessment includes everything you need to start improving your pronunciation:

 Course Book

You’ll receive ‘The Sound of English’ (RRP £19.99) – Pronunciation Studio’s 140 page course book with full audio accompaniment. It covers the sounds, structures and intonation of GB English.

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60 Mins’ Tuition

Using Pronunciation Studio’s highly practical PPP methodology you will learn the key aspects of sound production (vowel and consonant), connected speech and intonation.

Read more about methodology.


Your IPA certified teacher is specially trained to hear English speech errors and correct them. You will receive notes at the end of the session showing your strengths and weaknesses.

Read more about teachers. 

The class currently includes a £50 course voucher for use on any group, individual or online course at PS.

Fees & Availability

Assessments are available 10:00-21:00 Monday to Friday, 10:00-17:00 Saturday.

The class is £79.99 including the course book, notes and voucher. You can purchase the class online by card or Paypal here or by calling the office.

In order to book your class, fill in the online booking form below or call us on 0207 4040777.

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