The fastest and most flexible way to improve your skills at Pronunciation Studio. Lessons are based on your specific needs in sounds, connected speech and intonation.

How does individual training work?

In your first class (most learners start with a 60 minute 121 Assessment Class) your teacher will hear you speak naturally and test you on different aspects of pronunciation. Then you’ll learn the areas that are relevant to you first. If you need work on one or two sounds mainly, we’ll start there, if you would benefit from learning the whole range of sounds, we’ll plan your course around this. The lessons are designed for you so that your skills improve step by step after each class. 

How often should I study?

Most learners take one or two classes each week, some study intensively over a couple of days or weeks, our timetables are entirely flexible for individual training. You can learn Monday to Friday 09:00-21:00, Saturdays 10:00-17:00 and Sundays by arrangement. 

Will I have homework?

Improving pronunciation involves a lot of repetition of any sounds that are difficult. This should be repeated with the audio as often as possible to build up the strength in your mouth and your listening accuracy. You’ll also normally have some exercises to do for spelling to sound, IPA, and ear training if they are relevant to your course. 

What materials will I receive and use?

Every course includes Pronunciation Studio’s course book ‘The Sound of English’ with audio. Your teacher may provide additional materials based on your needs – we have a large archive of exercises, audio and lessons for specific requirements. 

How do I start?

Most learners start with an Assessment Class, you can book this online here. If you know how many hours you would like to take, you can purchase your course here. For any questions or to organise your times, please contact us. 

Where do classes take place?

Currently, owing to travel restrictions and social distancing rules, we are delivering all individual training online one to one via Skype or Zoom. When restrictions are lifted we will resume face to face training in London.

Who teaches individual courses?

All classes are taught by Pronunciation Studio’s IPA certified teaching team, every member has over 10 years’ classroom experience.

What are the course fees?

Your first purchase includes the full ‘The Sound of English‘ course pack. You can purchase individual training online by following the links:

Assessment Class (1 Hour) – £79.99

4 Hours – £349
8 Hours – £649
16 Hours – £1199
32 Hours – £2249

Returning students (after completing 8 hours) are entitled to 10% off all future purchases. If you have any questions before booking, please contact us.