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Learning one to one is the fastest way to improve your speaking skills at Pronunciation Studio. The course is adapted to meet your needs and work on your weaker areas first. Individual training offers:

✔︎ Personalised Learning – your teacher designs the program for you.
✔︎ Flexible Timetable – choose your most convenient times and how often you would like to study.
✔︎ Study in London or Online – whichever is most convenient.

All Pronunciation Studio courses feature:

Practical Method

Student focussed ESL (English as a Second Language) method that takes learners step by step to accuracy and fluency.

Certified Teachers

All of our teachers are dedicated speech specialists with at least 5 years’ classroom experience and are certified by the International Phonetic Association.

Proven Results

Over 15,000 learners from over 85 countries have improved their pronunciation with us since we began in 2008.

The Sound of English

Every course includes our full 140 page book ‘The Sound of English’ with audio for use during and after your course.

What is covered?

Individual courses cover the sounds and intonation of GB English and they are tailored to suit the learner. Every learner has a unique language background, level and way of learning, and this is the focus in any individual course.

Most learners start with an Intro Class so they can learn about their stronger and weaker areas and see/hear the areas that can be improved on the course. So depending on your level, your teacher may cover the full ‘The Sound of English’ course, or use certain relevant parts of it.

Individual courses range from 5 hours to 30+ hours, so the amount of content is dependant on the goals of the learner. As a rough guide, it would normally take 5-10 hours to cover all of the 45 sounds, and 5-10 hours to cover stress and intonation.

Availability, Prices & Booking

Individual training is available Monday to Friday 09:00-21:00 and Saturday 10:00-17:00. It is possible to study outside of these times by arrangement. You can choose your own timetable, most learners take one or two classes of one hour per week, but intensive options are also popular, where the course is completed in a few days.

Intro Class (1 Hour) – £79.99
Includes course book and £50 course voucher

1 Hour – £89
3 Hours – £249
5 Hours – £399
10 Hours – £749
15 Hours – £1099
20 Hours – £1399

Purchase by following the links above, or visit our online booking system here.

To book your class times, please contact us at or call us on 0207 4040777 (our teachers run reception 14:00-16:00 daily). Intro Classes can be booked online here.

“On top of the practical improvement in pronunciation, the lessons increased my confidence based on the concrete knowledge of sounds and rules. I was impressed with the knowledge and skills of the instructors, who could identify individual pronunciation problems and answer various questions with clear explanations.”
Akiko, Japan, 2014
”It’s been more useful to me than any other language courses that I’ve ever taken.”
Zair, Spain, 2015
“Quality of teaching is really good, excellent in explaining the concepts and making learning very easy.”
Praveed, India, 2015

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