Online Pronunciation Classes

One to one Pronunciation Studio courses worldwide via Skype.

You don’t need to be in London to learn with Pronunciation Studio’s London based team of IPA certified teachers. All of the courses we teach are available one to one online, focussing on your pronunciation, intonation, fluency, phonetics and accent. Learning via high-speed video and audio link is a highly convenient and effective approach.

Your course is designed for you based on your strengths and weaknesses. Using a highly practical methodology, and Pronunciation Studio’s ‘The Sound of English’ materials, your spoken English confidence will improve from class 1. Timetables are flexible, study when it suits you (09:00-21:00 London time), as often as you choose.

How does individual online training work?

In class you will learn new sounds, connected speech rules, intonation patterns and work on a GB English accent model. Your teacher will present the new skills step by step and you will practise the areas that cause most difficulty. Outside of class, you will have drills and exercises to perform so that the new skills are transferred into your day to day speaking. These are the three stages to the PPP methodology that ensures you improve each class.

How much practice should I do?

With pronunciation, we recommend ‘little and often’ rather than practising in long sessions. You should try to practise for 10 minutes every day if working on sound production, this will ensure your mouth and voice develop. When working on connected speech, intonation and accent, it is important to work on dialogues, and complete listening activities too, the more the better of this kind of activity. It’s also important not to ‘switch off’ when you leave class – those students who pay attention to everyone else’s speech at work, on the TV and radio, make more progress as their ear tunes in quicker so the process starts sooner.

What materials do I receive?

All of the drills and exercises used in class are included in the course materials you receive, which starts with ‘The Sound of English’ – Pronunciation Studio’s course book. You may move on to our advanced books on pronunciation (Native Speech Patterns) and intonation (English Spoken Melody) if you reach advanced levels or have a specific focus, all of this which is accompanied by audio. All of these are provided as eBooks and mp3 downloads, which you can use on your computer or print out.

How long does it take to improve?

It depends on how much practise you do, what your level is, and which area you are working on. Sound production can improve very quickly, this largely depends on regular drilling and correction, some students change their sounds from day 1, others require more practise. For more technical aspects of connected speech and intonation, it is a longer term process, as your ear needs to tune in first and then it will gradually assimilate into your speech. The course will give you the skills and approach to continually improve, long after your training ends.

How do I begin?

The best place to start is with an individual assessment class where your teacher will hear you speak and show you all the areas you can improve. You’ll try the sounds, structures and intonation of English and receive the full ‘The Sound of English’ course pack.

It’s been more useful to me than any other language course that I’ve ever taken. Read Zair’s and many more testimonials. 

Information, Fees & Booking

Courses valid for 12 months after purchase.
‘The Sound of English’ ebook + audio included with first class.

£69.99 – Individual Assessment

£89 – 1 hour | Purchase
£249 – 3 hours | Purchase
£399 – 5 hours | Purchase
£749 – 10 hours | Purchase
£1380 – 20 hours | Purchase
£1949 – 30 hours | Purchase
£2499 – 40 hours | Purchase

Returners’ rates of £69/hour after 10 hours. | PURCHASE

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