Take Pronunciation Studio’s courses anywhere in the world via one to one video link with our London based teachers.  

How does pronunciation training via Skype work?

It is exactly the same as Individual Training, but instead of coming in to our premises in London, you learn via video link with your teacher in Skype. We’ll teach you the sounds and intonation of GB English and design the course based on your strengths and weaknesses. 

Is it the same quality?

Over a high speed internet connection, the quality of the training is the same and we will get through the same amount of material as if you were sat in front of your teacher. We recommend wearing headphones for optimum audio quality. 

I live in a different time zone, when can I study?

Our teachers work 09:00-21:00 Monday to Friday and 10:00-17:00 on Saturdays, London time.

What materials will I receive and use?

You will receive the full ‘The Sound of English Pronunciation’ course pack download with audio. You can use this on your computers and devices, your teacher may also send you additional materials via email. We can send you a paperback course book if you are in the UK, otherwise you are welcome to pick it up if you visit London. 

What are the course fees?

All purchases are valid for one year, the first purchase includes the full course book with audio:

Assessment Class (1 Hour) – £69.99

4 Hours – £349
8 Hours – £649
16 Hours – £1199
32 Hours – £2249

How do I start?

Most learners start with an Assessment Class, you can book this here, simply choose “via Skype” in the booking section. If you do not require an assessment class, you can arrange your course by contacting us and purchasing the required amount of individual training.