All the tricks you need to know in order to sound like a native speaker. Highly recommended to all of those who want get their command of the English language to another dimension.
Javier Fernandez Pena (Spanish Buzz, Toy Story 3). 

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The Pronunciation Studio course book covers the essentials of English pronunciation:

  • Mouth Positions
  • Spelling to Sound
  • Connected Speech
  • IPA
  • Regional Variations
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I found it very interesting and useful. The teachers are fantastic. I would recommend this book to others. I love it!”



I (an ESL teacher) love it. Just the necessary amount of theory, a lot of drill though, practical and focusing on all the important details to help you sound better!”



It’s a very lovely book and I really enjoyed it . I would recommend it to anybody passionate about English phonology.”



Introduction Chapter

Browse the first chapter ‘The Sounds of English’ below:

The full version includes PDF and EPUB formats to download for offline use including:

9 Chapters

Each focuses on a different group of the 44 sounds.


Over 100 audio tracks – download or stream.


Mouth diagrams and illustrations.

10-16 Hours

Study time working at an average pace.


The Sounds of English & IPA

PART 1: Vowel Sounds
1: Schwa /ə/
2: Short Vowels
3: Long Vowels
4: Diphthong Vowels

PART 2: Consonant Sounds
5: Fricative Consonants
6: Plosive Consonants
7: Approximant Consonants
8: Nasals & Clusters

The course comes in three formats – PDF (any device), EPUB (Apple Books) and online all of these are included when you purchase the book. You can use it on all of your computers/devices and use a printed version. The audio is embedded in the online and ePUB formats, it can also be downloaded for offline use with the pdf.

Refined and Revised

Since 2012 over 10,000 learners have followed ‘The Sound of English’ at Pronunciation Studio.




The course is now on its 3rd edition (2021). Everything our team of teachers has learnt working with learners from all over the world (100+ countries) has gone into producing and improving the course.