The Sound of English

A Practical Course in Standard (GB) British English Pronunciation

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Pages: 150
Audio Tracks: 145
Format: PDF & MP3
Year: 2021
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The Sound of English (2021 Edition) is a practical course in standard (GB) British English pronunciation. It covers the 44 sounds of English, how to link them together in connected speech, and common regional variations.

Each mouth position has a dedicated page with example words and sentences. Audio has space to repeat so that learners can easily practice and revisit areas that are more difficult.

The course book was written and produced at Pronunciation Studio by Joseph Hudson, the school’s founder. The 2021 edition is the third update to the course book that first featured in 2012. It is designed for second language learners of English who aim to improve their speech skills. The audio recordings feature the teachers at Pronunciation Studio.