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Teach Pronunciation!

Learn how to deliver exciting, challenging, student-focussed lessons in ESL pronunciation.

The course is taken in 2 parts: 1) Teaching Sounds, 2) Teaching Stress & Intonation. Each part is split into theory – the subject-knowledge a teacher needs in order to deliver the classes, and practice – how to teach the subject area.

We use the Pronunciation Studio course book ‘The Sound of English’ on the course, but the skills learnt are transferrable to any course materials. Many of the techniques, skills and activities can be used in the classroom without preparation, making any ESL class a suitable basis to work on pronunciation.

The methodology used is the ESL model known as PPP, we also explore how this can (and sometimes must) be altered for pronunciation teaching. The course is designed for teachers (native and non-native speakers) who have at least some classroom experience, though advanced pronunciation learners may also find the course useful. No prior knowledge of phonetics is required, but we would strongly recommend familiarising yourself with the 45 sounds IPA chart before starting the course.

Upon completion of each part, you will receive a Pronunciation Studio certificate and you will be able to transfer the skils directly to your classroom teaching. The course is available intensively at weekends, or weekly in the evenings. We also offer a 4 day intensive in the summer holidays or it can be taken individually on a timetable of your choice both in London and via Skype.


For a detailed syllabus, click here (opens in pdf). Each part is designed to give teachers firstly the knowledge required to deliver the classes and secondly the practical classroom skills to do so. The course is split into 2 parts and 8 sessions as follows:

Part 1
Teach Sounds


i) Consonant Sound Theory
ii) Teach Consonants!
iii) Vowel Sound Theory
iv) Teach Vowels!

Part 2
Teach Stress & Intonation


i) Stress Theory
ii) Teach Stress!
iii) Intonation Theory
iv) Teach Intonation!

Each session is 3 hours of class time in the group course, or 2 hours individually.


 “I’ve never done a course, short or long, that has shown such spectacular results instantly.” Sally, ESL Teacher, UK

“I’ve developed my abilities in phonetics and learned key teaching skills, such as drilling, presenting, eliciting and reviewing when teaching pronunciation in the classroom. I`ve got understanding how to create challenging, student-focussed classes with correct grading and logical structure. I feel more confident to deal with using, recognising, transcribing and correcting sounds of English pronunciation. The quality of the teaching was high as for sure, I just admired how well-organized were teachers and logically structured was every lesson of the course.” Svetlana, ESL Teacher, Ukraine

“Almost everything that I’ve learnt was new to me and the whole course was an ongoing revelation. My general understanding of the concepts involved in theory and practice have greatly improved.  I found the course fascinating and very helpful. I can’t wait to learn more and put it all into practice.” Carrie, ESL Teacher UK

“As soon as I had the first few lessons with my students I used some of the knowledge I received on the course and they absolutely loved it. Also, I try to bolster my own pronunciation everyday by following the advice and techniques I got/learnt on the course. I really enjoyed studying here: the materials were very good and “user-friendly” as well as the teaching method, which, I believe, had to do with excellent professionalism of the teacher and very well elaborated system of teaching/studying English pronunciation.” Alisa, ESL Teacher, Russia

“This course was just what I needed to give me the confidence I need to approach pronunciation in more depth with my classes. – All the practical sessions were extremely useful and I think I will be implementing the lesson plans in the format you suggest with a much greater focus on drilling. I think both teachers were able to pitch the theory at our level without making it too “scary” yet kept it interesting and fun. Had I been bored or overwhelmed by the theory, I would be reluctant to put it all into practice with a class of students.” Penelope, ESL Teacher, Finland

Group Course Dates & Fees

4 Day Summer Intensive

4 x 6 hour days (10-17:00)


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Individual Course

Available in London and online (via Skype).
Each part = 8 hours of individual training.

£549/1 part | £999/2 parts


Further Information

To make a booking or if you require any further information about Pronunciation Studio’s Teach Pronunciation! course, please use the form on the right, or call us during reception times (9-5 Mon-Fri). Better still, pop in and visit us, we are located in Central London (see below).

Tel: 0207 4040777 / +44 207 4040777 (from abroad)

E-mail: info@pronunciationstudio.com

Address: 37 Gray’s Inn Rd, London, WC1X 8PQ

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