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Pronunciation Studio’s aim is to bring practical education in the pronunciation and intonation of English to high level 2nd language speakers in London and worldwide. Our promise is very simple:

✔︎ Practical Approach
✔︎ Dedicated Materials
✔︎ Experienced IPA Certified Teachers
✔︎ New Articles Monthly

We have dedicated nearly a decade’s work to developing courses and materials designed specifically for the needs of those looking to make their spoken English clear and confident using a British accent model.

10 years ago it was difficult to find pronunciation and accent courses designed specifically for second language learners. The only options were voice or drama schools whose methods were really aimed at actors. Such an approach is not easy for most ESL (English as a Second Language) learners to digest.

All of our work is directed towards making the acquisition of pronunciation easy and enjoyable for ESL learners. Central to this are our materials, method and teachers. Our course book ‘The Sound of English’ goes step by step through sounds and intonation and is included with every course here. It follows a PPP method (Present, Practice, Produce) which any learner of English will recognise and feel comfortable with.

Our teachers have a strong background in English classroom teaching (at least 5 years), and are certified by the International Phonetic Association. Beyond this, Pronunciation Studio’s team are passionate about languages and individualising learning so that every student can gain the most out of their time with us. 

All of this adds up to a student-focussed, practical experience for every learner. We don’t use flowery language and we don’t do yoga or meditate in class. Every learner leaves their lesson with new skills and an approach that will enable them to continue learning outside of the classroom. Over 15,000 learners have improved their spoken English with us from well over 80 countries.

At PS, learning doesn’t begin and end with a course, we’re constantly working on the materials and articles available to this community so that they can continue to practise long after the course has finished.