English is a strange language…

Its spelling system looks like a mess (it is), its stresses and intonation can seem random (they aren’t), and there are a breathtaking number of different accents (gotta love ’em all).

So even learners who are proficient in grammar, spelling and writing can find the spoken and listening worlds of English difficult and confusing.  

This is why we believe that phonetics and intonation are essential skills for learners of English. It is never too soon to improve these areas as you learn English.

They are the tools that combat confusion and build confidence,  unlocking the vast and endlessly interesting world of English pronunciation.

Pronunciation Studio is designed to provide these skills in the most practical and accessible way. We do this by providing highly experienced specialist teachers, and a library of practical student-focused materials.

It all began in 2008…

… when founder Joseph Hudson converted his basement in North London into a studio to teach the sounds and melodies of English to advanced learners.

In the first year, around 100 people studied the course in London and many more wanted to try it.

To meet demand, he turned this training into a course book The Sound of English, and many likeminded teachers joined when the project turned into a school in 2010. 

Back then, most training was delivered in central London face to face – over 10,000 learners studied at the school in King’s Cross over the next 10 years.

Now, in 2023, the school is online, with weekly group sessions and 121 training taking place daily. Now, anybody can access Pronunciation Studio’s courses. 

A simple approach to a complex topic.

The key to Pronunciation Studio’s longevity is simple: student focus.

Here it’s all about the learner.

How do we make the learning process as fast and enjoyable as possible, for each person who studies with us?

Firstly we listen.

Then we design.

Finally we teach.

Those who take classes with us are guaranteed professional IPA certified teachers with over 10 years of classroom experience. Our teaching approach is highly practical, using a PPP (Present, Practise, Perform) model: every class takes you a practical step closer to your English speaking goals.

Ready to start?

It’s easy to get going at Pronunciation Studio. If you would like to study with a teacher, we can get you going straight away with a starter class

But there are plenty of other ways to explore English sounds here. You can find lots of tips and tricks on our Instagram page, you can find training videos on our Youtube channel, and you can subscribe to our monthly newsletter for regular updates. 

And if you have any questions, do get in touch!