We believe that pronunciation and intonation are essential parts of a learner’s acquisition of English with clear and ongoing benefits in listening and spoken accuracy. Our work is dedicated to making this learning process practical, accessible and fun.

There are three key elements to our approach:

Student-focused Materials

Our course book ‘The Sound of English’ is designed specifically for learners’ needs at Pronunciation Studio. It covers every sound with diagrams, examples, spellings and audio alongside the key structural aspects of pronunciation like linking and weak forms.

Dedicated IPA Certified Teachers

Every member of our team is certified by the International Phonetic Association and a qualified English or voice teacher. And most importantly of all, every teacher has over ten years’ dedicated pronunciation teaching experience in the classroom, so you know your course will be taught by an experienced professional.

And we’re friendly too (as long as you do your homework).




Practical Method

The method we use is based on the ESL (English as a Second Language) PPP method (Present, Practise, Produce). This is very important, as most of our learners have studied English as a second language, so there is a natural progression instead of an entirely different approach. The learning experience is step by step – introduce the new skill (Present), practise it with correction (Practise), practise it more freely (Produce).