We believe that pronunciation and intonation are essential parts of a learner’s acquisition of English with clear and ongoing benefits in listening and spoken accuracy.

 Our work is dedicated to making the learning process practical, accessible and fun.

There are 3 key elements to our approach (but they share something in common):

  1. Student Focused Method

The method we use in class is based on the ESL (English as a Second Language) PPP method (Present, Practise, Produce). This is very important, as most of our learners have studied English as a second language, so there is a natural progression to our courses.

The learning experience is in 3 steps –

1) Introduce the new skill (PRESENT)
2) Practise the skill with correction (PRACTISE)
3) Incorporate the skill into everyday use (

Through learning with this approach, students are able to make step by step improvements as they progress through a course.

The big improvements happen in the third stage as new skills and speech habits positively change over time. This is why so many learners report achieving their aims on our courses and many continue to study long after their initial course.

2. Student Focused Materials

Our course book ‘The Sound of English’ was designed specifically for learners at Pronunciation Studio (though it is also used daily in over 100 countries for pronunciation training).

Using a practical approach including diagrams, exercises, drills and listenings, it goes step by step through the sounds and structures of English pronunciation.

We’ve refined this course constantly over the last ten years, it’s now in its third edition.

+ a library of resources.

The Sound of English is where most learners start, but many continue to study more advanced areas of intonation, IPA, accent or anything specific to their needs.

Our teachers have access to a huge range of materials ready to go for just about any requirements that we have produced over the last 10 years. This is why our individual courses are always designed based on the learner – additional materials will be selected based on the course requirements.

3. Student Focused Teachers

Our group of specialist IPA Certified teachers  – Tom, Zainab and David each have well over 10 years of experience in the pronunciation classroom (we’ve worked together since 2010).

This experience as well as the shared knowledge of working with thousands of learners is central to Pronunciation Studio. You know that when you join a course here, you are going to study with a highly qualified, highly experienced and dedicated teacher who understands diverse learners’ needs.

This all sounds very serious, but we are fun to work with too (as long as you do your homework on time).

So you’ve probably spotted that we put a huge emphasis on making our classes student-focused. It’s easy to see more of what we do on our Youtube channel, our Instagram and our pronunciation blog. And if you’re ready to study with us, take a look at our courses

Any Questions?

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