8 Hours

8 x 1 hour classes, available Monday to Friday 09:00-21:00.

The Sound of English

150 page book covering sounds, joining and IPA with audio.

IPA Certified Teachers

Pronunciation specialists with 10+ years’ classroom experience.


The lessons are live via Zoom.

The online group course is 8 hours of live teaching by one of our IPA certified teachers. We do not use prerecorded video or AI in the course so learners are guaranteed focus on their needs and direct feedback on their progress.

Course Syllabus:

Each class is one hour of training, focussing on a different group of sounds:

Class 1: /ə/ | Content & Function Words | Weak vs Strong
Class 2: Short Vowel Sounds /ɪ,ʊ,ɛ,ɒ,ʌ,a/
Class 3: Long Vowel Sounds /iː,uː,əː,ɛː,ɔː,ɑː/
Class 4: Diphthong Vowel Sounds /ɪə,eɪ,aʊ,əʊ,ʌɪ,ʊə,ɔɪ/
Class 5: Fricatives /f,v,θ,ð,s,z,ʃ,ʒ,h/ | TH Voicing | Silent < h >
Class 6: Plosives /p,b,t,d,k,g/ | [ʔ] | < t > Linking | < ed > endings
Class 7: Approximants /w,r,j,l/ & [ɫ] | Silent < r > | Linking /r/
Class 8: Nasals /m,n,ŋ/ | Consonant Clusters

The classes correspond to each chapter of ‘The Sound of English’ so it is easy to revise and reference what you have done in each session.

You can book a whole group for friends and colleagues which allows you to choose the timetable and dates of the classes. Alternatively join one of our fixed 8 week courses and you will study in a group of up to 4 learners.

Fees & Booking


£299/person, price includes


  • 7/12-25/01 | Thursdays | 1-2pm
  • 10/01-28/02 | Wednesdays | 6-7pm
  • 5/02-25/03 | Mondays | 8-9am
  • 5/03-23/04 | Tuesdays | 8-9pm
  • 3/04-22/05 | Wednesdays | 1-2pm


2 People | £799
3 People | £899
4 People | £999

The price is the total for the entire group, so the price per student is divided (example 4 people course = £249.75 per person).

If you would like to take the course individually, the 8 hour 121 course is £649 – see individual training.


To book a fixed dates course please follow the links above to book your place automatically and gain instant access to the course materials.

To book a MAKE YOUR OWN GROUP, please contact us with your timetable and group size requirements. We can normally arrange courses to begin within 7 days.


We’ve answered most of the common questions below. Please scroll down if you would like to contact us.

The FIXED GROUP COURSE dates are as advertised above – the same time every week for 8 weeks. There is no class on national holidays.

The 8 classes in a MAKE YOUR OWN GROUP can be taken to a timetable of your choice. Popular options are:

  • 1 class/week at the same time for 8 weeks.
  • 1 class/day at the same time for 8 days.

Our teachers are available 08:00-21:00 UK time so your group can take the course when it suits you.

Rescheduling classes is free with 24 or more hours’ notice.

If a class is cancelled with less than 24 hours’ notice it will be charged.

An individual assessment is the recommended way to begin your course as it will show you the main areas to focus on as you progress.

For full information on the assessment class see here.

If you can’t attend one of your classes, your teacher will show you which parts of the course materials you have missed. If you would like to take the class, you can book a 30 minute or 60 minute 121 class at a special rate (£30/30 minute, £60/60 minute) and go through the material with your teacher.

We don’t allow recording of group courses for privacy reasons. 

You can cancel any time up to 5 days before the course is due to begin for a full refund minus £15 processing fee. Cancellations within 5 days of course start date are not refundable.

Every course includes Pronunciation Studio’s course book ‘The Sound of English’ with audio. Your teacher may provide additional materials based on your needs – we have a large archive of exercises, audio and lessons for specific requirements. 

Our teachers will speak at normal native speed in class, so it is essential that learners can follow this without getting lost. The courses are suitable on this basis, for high intermediate to proficient level speakers.

All classes are taught by Pronunciation Studio’s IPA certified teaching team Tom, David and Zainab. Every member of the team has over 10 years’ classroom experience.

Normally students stay with the same teacher throughout their course.

Yes, you can take the course anywhere – just make sure you alter the times to match the local time where you are. 

Since 2008 over 10,000 learners from more than 100 countries have improved their pronunciation skills with us. 

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Any Questions?

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0207 4040777
+44 207 4040777 (from abroad)