We teach advanced learners of English how to pronounce the sounds, structures and intonation of British English, all the areas that are often ignored on general English courses.

“My confidence has improved massively. It’s really good fun, lots of fun. I loved it.”
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Three Key Skills:

Sound Production

English contains 19 vowel sounds and 26 consonant sounds. The key is firstly to know how to produce every sound using the articulators (lips, tongue, mouth) and voice. Secondly to know how to select every sound, as English spelling is not always kind to us.

Connected Speech

To speak really confidently you need to join sounds smoothly. This involves learning which sounds are weak, which sounds disappear and which sounds change together. Speaking more slowly is one solution, but to speak with true fluency, joining must be mastered.


English has three intonation patterns; falling, rising and fall-rising which are used with stress patterns to give emotion and meaning to speech. A few simple techniques can totally change the way your English sounds and the way you understand native speakers.

Start Learning Today:

Individual Assessment

Find out your strengths and weaknesses in spoken English production – 60 minute 121 class.

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Free Group Taster

Take a 90 minute group class covering the most important sound in English – the schwa! 

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Online Taster Class

Take a 45 minute individual class online via Skype, full course book included.

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Specialist Teachers

Pronunciation Studio teachers are dedicated speech specialists. We don’t do grammar or writing, here it’s all about the sound of English – sound production, structures, stresses and intonation, Whether you study in groupindividually, or online our team will help you hear, speak & feel English to a new level. If you’re not ready to start studying yet, try our work in the blog or course book to whet your appetite. 

“I cannot put it down into words how significant my accent has improved. I can now conduct meetings over the phone without having to be interrupted with ‘pardon’.” Josh, Ghana

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Dedicated Materials

‘The Sound of English’ is Pronunciation Studio’s course book – made by our founding teacher. Over 140 pages and 200 audio files, the sounds, structures and intonation of GB English are covered in a practical, step by step approach.

It’s available as a book, ebook and iBook so you can access it anywhere in the world. Thousands of learners have followed the course and it’s included when you enroll at Pronunciation Studio. Try the first chapter for free today or purchase the full version here

Multiple Benefits

The benefits of pronunciation are more than simply being able to make sounds correctly. In fact, the first improvement students of English pronunciation notice is improved listening skills –  you can spot details you’d never noticed and then your own mistakes.

With practice comes more control and accuracy in sound production and the resultant boost in confidence. Joining sounds is a big area in spoken English, but now you know the rules – when and when not to use an /r/, what happens to /t/, which sounds can disappear – it’s no longer confusing, actually it’s developing your fluency.

When you start to master intonation – an English pitch, rhythm and stress, you know you can command the language. The best part is the constant improvement now you know the rules, sounds and structures, you can also distinguish English accents and even modify your own – if that’s what you aim to do.

Just ask any of the thousands of learners who have achieved this at Pronunciation Studio. 

Never Stop Learning

Learning is an ongoing process and we provide a wealth of additional materials to accompany classes. The Pronunciation Studio blog covers different accents, tips and topical pronunciation materials. ‘The Sound of English’ site accompanies our course book with lots of extra activities, then there’s the IPA Twitter feed to practise your phonetics. Returning students also have access to reduced price classes and exclusive new lessons in the Returners’ Area.

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