Take your English pronunciation to the next level in London or online.


Take your English pronunciation to the next level in London or online.


Our pronunciation courses and learning materials focus on 4 essential areas of spoken English:

Mouth Movement

How to move the tongue, jaw and lips, and to use the voice to accurately produce the 44 sounds of English.

Spelling to Sound

The relationship between written English and its pronunciation. We learn the rules, exceptions and IPA symbols for every sound.

Native speakers tend to speak quickly. Their sounds change when they join together. Understanding how this happens helps learners to produce and hear speech quickly without a processing delay.

The melodies and stresses of English speech: when to go up, down and how to use pitch range to show emotion.

Why study pronunciation?

Short Answer:

It will change the way you hear and produce English.

Long Answer:

English pronunciation is equally challenging and rewarding.

Its 44 sounds are spelt with just 26 letters, making for some confusing spelling to sound relationships. The sounds themselves use a wide range of mouth positions which can seem unnatural to those who speak languages with fewer positions. When these sounds join together, they change – English has a weak/strong structure and an unpredictable stress system.

Studying pronunciation turns these areas of confusion and difficulty into strengths. With focused practice based on your level and language background, you can build your skills just as you did with grammar, vocabulary and writing. And before long you will notice the three big benefits:

Spoken Accuracy

Using the full range of sounds means words are pronounced clearly, fewer mistakes and less need to repeat.

Listening Skills

Usually the first sign of improvement is faster, more detailed listening skills: learners hear things they’d never noticed before.

Constant Progress

As you put the new skills into practice, they become more and more fluent and this influences every aspect of your English.

Since 2008 over 10,000 learners from more than a hundred countries have improved their pronunciation skills with Pronunciation Studio’s coures, in London and online.