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So you already speak a high level of English, but could it be clearer and more confident? At Pronunciation Studio, firstly you will distinguish and acquire the full range of English sounds, with practice they’ll join smoothly and before you know it, your intonation and accent will exude confidence and control. Every step is practical, clearchallenging yet fun.

Learning with specialist IPA certified pronunciation teachers and dedicated ‘The Sound of English’ learning materials (published by Pronunciation Studio), you’ll soon join thousands of learners from all over the world who have taken their English to its potential.

“It was like trying to build a house and discovering it is easier with the right tools.”

Over 10,000 students have followed Pronunciation Studio’s courses. 

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Specialist IPA Certified Teachers

Pronunciation Studio teachers are dedicated speech specialists. We don’t do grammar or writing, here it’s all about the sound of English – sound production, structures, stresses and intonation, 

Whether you study in groupindividually, or online our team will help you hear, speak & feel English to a new level. And it’s easy to try our method and materials, with a free group taster class covering the Schwa sound, or an individual assessment focussing on your pronunciation skills. If you’re not ready to start studying yet, try the blog or course book to whet your appetite. 

“My confidence has improved massively. It’s really good fun, lots of fun. I loved it.” Sandra, Argentina – View testimonials. 


Practical Course Materials

‘The Sound of English’ is Pronunciation Studio’s course book, it combines everything we teach here: the sounds, structures and intonation of GB English. Our teachers release new materials every week on ‘The Sound of English’ blog to accompany the course. The full version is available to order as a book + 3cds or download instantly as ebook + audio, both are included when you book a course here. Start now with a free sample of chapter one – it has all the sounds and intonation patterns of English with audio!

‘The Sound of English’ now on iBooks!

It’s our most interactive course book yet, packed with DRILLS, EXERCISES, AUDIO & TIPS – download your free interactive sample of ‘The Sound of English’ for iPhone, iPad & Mac today.

Multiple Benefits

The benefits of pronunciation are more than simply being able to make sounds correctly. In fact, the first improvement students of English pronunciation notice is improved listening skills –  you can spot details you’d never noticed and then your own mistakes. With practice comes more control and accuracy in sound production and the resultant boost in confidence. Joining sounds is a big area in spoken English, but now you know the rules – when and when not to use an /r/, what happens to /t/, which sounds can disappear – it’s no longer confusing, actually it’s developing your fluency. When you start to master intonation – an English pitch, rhythm and stress, you know you can command the language. The best part is the constant improvement now you know the rules, sounds and structures, you can also distinguish English accents and even modify your own – if that’s what you aim to do.

How we Work:


Study in a small advanced group of 2 to 8. Evening, weekend and intensive options available.


Direct, designed for you and flexible – the quickest way to improve your skills.


Learn anywhere in the world with our teachers via high speed video (Skype) connection.


Training for individuals and groups in companies – available throughout London.

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Take a 90 minute group class covering the most important sound in English – the schwa! 

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Find out your strengths and weaknesses in spoken English production – 60 minute 121 class.

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Try our course book and pronunciation learning blog – ‘The Sound of English’.

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