Transform your speech sounds with 121 training, group sessions, practical materials and IPA certified teachers. Dedicated speech specialists in London and online since 2008.


How to move the tongue, jaw and lips to accurately pronounce all the sounds of English.


How to think in sound instead of spelling, using phonetic alphabet (IPA) to help with this process.


Learn the sounds and structures of a specific English accent – or go for the ‘standard’ modern GB/SSBE model.


Use an English melody and stress patterns instead of importing those of your first language.

“I would definitely recommend Pronunciation Studio. They really changed the way I see the English language by building the different blocks required to improve my pronunciation.”


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“I have no more patients asking ‘Can you say that again?’ or ‘What did you say?’ I think I have a very good communication with the patients which was one of my main things. My confidence has improved massively. I can be in any sort of conversation with anyone and just follow the conversations.   I don’t get lost anymore thinking ‘did they say that?’ or have they said something else.  So it’s improved my social skills, confidence, work. I think in every aspect really. 

SANDRA TOCCALINO, NHS Doctor (Spanish Speaker)

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Start with a 121 class exploring your pronunciation strengths and weaknesses.


Study pronunciation and intonation in live weekly groups with a simple subscription.

121 Training

Achieve your speech goals in the fastest way with a 121 course designed for you


Take the 2 level syllabus (Pronunciation & Intonation) in 1 intensive week.

“I noticed a difference in my pronunciation only after two classes! Most importantly, despite being gently pushed over my comfort zone, I never felt ashamed or belittled in class!”

OPHELIA W, 07/10/2022

At Pronunciation Studio, we place enormous significance on interaction between teacher and learner. 121 training is designed individually, group training is dynamic and interactive.

Many apps and AI programs are now available, and they certainly have a place in language learning. But for those learners who want a truly transformative experience, who want to feel the language, sounds, intonation and ultimately experience profound progress, then interaction with professionals is a key element.

Since we started in 2008 we’ve directly helped more than 10,000 learners from over 100 countries to gain more control over their English sounds and intonation.

The results speak for themselves…

“I couldn’t be happier. They offered me a very professional approach, nicely tailored to what I needed and wanted, given the influences from my native language. I wasn’t magically converted into a native speaker, but have undoubtedly improved a lot, as well as opened my eyes (or rather… ears) to what I should pay attention to when communicating in English.”


Meet the Teachers

Every member of our IPA certified teaching team has over 10 years’ classroom experience at Pronunciation Studio. We share a very simple ethos: focus on the learner’s needs and goals.





“It has been amazing how in a few weeks I could sound with much more clarity and finesse. Highly recommended for all those who want to take their language skills to another dimension.”

(The voice of Spanish Buzz in Toy Story 3)