Master English sounds and intonation

We teach:

Mouth Movement

How to move the tongue, jaw and lips to accurately pronounce all the sounds of English.

Spelling to Sound

How to think in sound instead of spelling, using phonetic alphabet (IPA) to help with this process.

Connected Speech

How sounds change when they join; processes that develop accuracy and fluency.


How to use an English melody and stress patterns instead of importing those of your first language.

“I would definitely recommend Pronunciation Studio. They really changed the way I see the English language by building the different blocks required to improve my pronunciation.”


At Pronunciation Studio, our focus is on the individual learner. Your course is designed and taught directly by a member of our teaching team. We never use Artificial Intelligence applications or video lessons to replace teaching in class. 

So whether you study with us face to face in London or online via Zoom or Skype, every lesson is filled with direct teacher-student interaction from the first minute to the last.

“I noticed a difference in my pronunciation only after two classes! Most importantly, despite being gently pushed over my comfort zone, I never felt ashamed or belittled in class!”

OPHELIA W, 07/10/2022

3 ways to start:

Starter Class

60 minute 121 assessment including the full course pack.

Course Book

The Sound of English is our course book with audio.

Take a Course

If you’re ready, sign up for a group or individual course today.

“I couldn’t be happier. They offered me a very professional approach, nicely tailored to what I needed and wanted, given the influences from my native language. I wasn’t magically converted into a native speaker, but have undoubtedly improved a lot, as well as opened my eyes (or rather… ears) to what I should pay attention to when communicating in English.”


Meet the Teachers

Every member of our IPA certified teaching team has over 10 years’ classroom experience and shares a very simple ethos:
focus on the learner’s needs and goals.

BA / IPA Cert

BA / MA / IPA Cert

PGDip / IPA Cert

BA / IPA Cert

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Since 2008 over 10,000 learners from more than 100 countries have improved their pronunciation skills with us. 

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“It has been amazing how in a few weeks I could sound with much more clarity and finesse. Highly recommended for all those who want to take their language skills to another dimension.”

(The voice of Spanish Buzz in Toy Story 3) 

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