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we teach advanced second language learners to use the full range of standard GB English sounds and intonation in their speech. Our IPA certified team work in 3 key areas:

The first step is to learn to produce the 45 sounds of standard (GB) English. It’s all about using the mouth correctly to shape and block air, then selecting the right sound and linking it like a native speaker.

The rules of stress contain the key to clear speech. English may seem random, but it’s actually deceptively simple choosing stresses, then making them using pitch, volume and vowel length.  

Intonation is the melody of speech. Different pitches and tones show your attitude to your words. GB English uses a lot of high falling tones and these can be learnt just like any other area of language. 

Pronunciation Studio courses cover the sounds and intonation of GB English. We teach groups and individuals face to face in our London studios & internationally via Skype.

Start with a one to one class and discover your strengths and weaknesses in sounds and intonation.
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Small groups of 2 to 8 learners in central London. 2 levels with evening, weekend and intensive options.
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Learn one to one with a course program and flexible timetable designed for you in London or online (Skype).
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everything you need to get your pronunciation skills going:

Download the free pack including ebook & audio for the 45 sounds of GB English.
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The symbols for every sound in GB English with an example word – to download or print.
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Our course book – 140 pages of practical pronunciation & intonation activities.
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It’s not just courses at Pronunciation Studio. We release new lessons with audio and IPA every month on different aspects of sounds and accents. Subscribe and we’ll send them to your inbox, or you can browse them here.

Since 2008 Pronunciation Studio has been providing specialist training in English pronunciation and intonation from our base in central London. 

Our teachers use a highly practical 3 stage PPP approach to teaching: Present, Practise, Produce.
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Our team of 4 teachers are IPA certified with 10+ years’ classroom teaching experience.
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Pronunciation Studio started in 2008 with the simple goal of bringing practical speech lessons to London’s second language speakers.
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We use a General British (GB) English teaching model in our classes and materials – it’s a modern, standard accent.
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