Learn the sounds and intonation of standard (GB) English:

Mouth Movement

How to move the tongue, jaw and lips, and to use the voice to accurately produce the 44 sounds of English.

Spelling to Sound

The relationship between written English and its pronunciation; we learn the rules and the exceptions.

Connected Speech

The way sounds change when they join together to help learners produce and hear fast and accurate speech.

Stress & Intonation

The melodies and stresses of English speech: when to go up, down and how to use pitch range to show emotion.

I recommend "Pronunciation Studio" with all my heart. Just after the first few lessons, I noticed a huge difference in my pronunciation and understanding of what native speakers are saying to me. Each subsequent lesson opens my eyes wider and wider - until now I thought I knew English quite well, but my teacher Tom in Pronunciation Studio teaches me what I have never been taught in any other school - how to properly pronounce all the sounds specific to English. Such lessons are needed for anyone who cares about great English pronunciation and accent.

Agnieszka Kargol-Konieczna Avatar
Agnieszka Kargol-Konieczna

It was exciting to study how English pronunciation works - no one would teach that at school. Many new and sometimes unexpected rules to learn, a lot to practice - and you can actually see progress. I started to notice how others speak, what kind of accent natives use, what mistakes non-natives make, and at the same time started to listen to myself - how I can speak English better. Great course with great teachers!

Andrey Petrov Avatar
Andrey Petrov

Pronunciation and intonation are often ignored on English courses; learners achieve a high level in grammar, vocabulary and writing, but do not reach their potential in speaking or listening skills.

Although English does have an unusual relationship between its written and spoken forms, these areas can be learnt like any other, with rules, exceptions, and above all plenty of practice. Most learners report 3 benefits:

Spoken Accuracy

Using the full range of sounds means words are pronounced clearly, fewer mistakes and less need to repeat.

Listening Skills

Usually the first sign of improvement is faster, more detailed listening skills: you hear things you had never noticed before.

Constant Progress

Now the sounds and rules are learnt, improvement is constant, you can spot when it sounds right (and when it doesn’t).

Pronunciation Studio courses build spoken confidence from day 1 through practical teaching and student-focused materials. We provide:


Discover your areas of strength and weakness in English pronunciation with a 60 minute one to one assessment class.

121 Training

Learn individually – the fastest and most flexible way to improve, the course is designed for you.

Group Courses

Learn in a small group (max 4) with 8 weekly classes of one hour covering – it’s good value and fun.

Next online group course starts 5th January 6pm (UK time) – more info here

The teaching team:




Every teacher at Pronunciation Studio has more than 10 years’ specialist classroom pronunciation teaching experience. The current team have been working together since 2010. 

Our team is certified by the International Phonetic Association as proficient in English phonetics, on top of the usual teaching, voice/language qualifications.

Everything we do at Pronunciation Studio is designed to be practical, fun and above all student-focused from our learning materials to our blog and courses.

Since opening in 2008, we have helped over 10,000 second language English speakers from over 100 countries to improve their speech and pronunciation skills. 

  • I highly recommend it.
    After 16 individual one-hour classes with Zainab, I couldn't be happier. They offered me a very professional approach, nicely tailored to what I needed and wanted, given the influences from my native language, my personal goals, etc.
    In terms of content, we covered everything from elementary sounds to...
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    Gabriel Rovina Avatar
    Gabriel Rovina
  • I had 40 one-to-one lessons with Zainab last year to improve my accent, and later my intonation. The material provided by the studio (manuals and recordings) is accessible and well structure. Zainab is an incredible teacher, with an academic background in phonetics and all. And very friendly: there’s been a... read more

    Benoit Brard Avatar
    Benoit Brard
  • I attended a course here nearly a year and half ago and I still remember it fondly. Even though it was a full immersion course, so it just covered the whole book (plus the part about intonation) in a week, I still find the advice they have given me... read more

    Elena Rossetti Avatar
    Elena Rossetti
  • I discovered Pronunciation Studio online, reading its blog: https://pronunciationstudio.com/blog/

    I decided to try an assessment class online (Skype), then I undertook 10 more lessons, and after this, another 10. It was totally worth it!

    I have taken English lessons for many years, and I have been living in England for the...
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    NURIA MASIP Avatar
  • Background: I had been living in English-speaking country for 3 years. I have good English writing & speaking proficiency, however, pronunciation is a different beast. The high price of the courses was my biggest consideration, but I decided that it's worth the investment. I took Level 1 & Level 2... read more

    Debbie Widjaja Avatar
    Debbie Widjaja
  • Incredible experience! Have been taking classes with Zainab Tapas for a few months and could see a progress after the first few weeks already. Friends and colleagues also noticed that my speech became more clear and melodic. The schedule is very systematic and thoroughly organised and Zainab is always there... read more

    Julia Buchko Avatar
    Julia Buchko
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