Free Taster – The Schwa /ə/ Class

The schwa class is a practical 90 minute English pronunciation session covering the most important sound in GB English – the Schwa /ə/.

You’ve probably seen it before and you’ve definitely heard it, but why’s it so important? Simply because it’s everywhere, about one in three vowel sounds in English is a schwa /ə/. It is an essential element in learning English sounds (see the 4 key areas of English speech here). In this group class, you will learn:

  • How to pronounce Schwa (using the correct combination of jaw, tongue and lip position),
  • How to spot the Schwa in written English (it can be a, e, i, o & u!) and
  • Where schwa appears in connected speech.

We’ll give you a free sample of our course book ‘The Sound of English’ with exercises to practise when you get home (or on the way home if you’re very keen).

This class is the first step to improving your pronunciation skills. The only requirement is that you have a high intermediate to proficient level of English, our teachers speak at normal native speaker speed in class.

There is no obligation to join a course after the class. If you decide to study pronunciation further, you may be interested in the 2 level group program, individual or online classes. If you have any questions, a member of  Pronunciation Studio’s specialist teaching team will be able to answer them at the end of the class.

“I can actually hear myself when I make a mistake – “that’s not in English, that’s in my accent!” – in Latvian we don’t have a schwa for example. I feel that I can correct myself.” Anita Karklina (read more testimonials)

Next dates:

-Wednesday, 1st March | 14:30-16:00
-Wednesday, 1st March | 18:00-19:30
-Wednesday, 8th March | 14:30-16:00
-Wednesday, 8th March| 18:00-19:30

Check back for future dates (7 days in advance).

To book your place, fill in the form (instant confirmation) or call us on 0207 4040777.


It’s a weak vowel sound that appears everywhere in spoken English. For more information try the following links:

Schwa – the key to English pronunciation.
Schwa (The Sound of English)
Weak Vowels in English
Download the free sample of The Sound of English.

You might have noticed that we’ve written rather a lot on the schwa!

We’ll give you a free sample of ‘The Sound of English’ (you can download it here), an IPA chart to pin on your wall, and a Pronunciation Studio course brochure. And 90 minutes of tuition of course…
One of Pronunciation Studio’s IPA certified pronunciation teachers – read all about us here.
We offer individual assessment classes which will cover the schwa and show you your level, strengths and weaknesses in English pronunciation – this costs £69.99 and includes the full course book and a £50 course voucher – you can book yours here.
An online assessment class is the best alternative – it’s a 60 minute class via Skype, it covers the schwa and includes the full e-book of ‘The Sound of English’.
Groups at Pronunciation Studio are between 2 and 8 advanced students.

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