Zainab’s Voice


MA Phonetics
BA English Language & Linguistics
IPA Certificate

Zainab Tapas

Despite her exotic name (pronounced /zeɪnəb/), Zainab is a Londoner through and through. She’s also a pronunciation teaching expert, with over 7 years of classroom experience and just about every qualification in the field, including a Masters in phonetics, the IPA Certificate, a Cambridge English teaching certificate and a BA in English language and linguistics. Zainab has worked with Pronunciation Studio since 2011 and teaches group, individual and online courses here.


“I really enjoyed learning with Zainab. She is a great teacher, very helpful and supportive. She identified all key issues I needed to improve and found her teaching techniques very effective. Her messages and explanations were very clear and easy to follow. She was also very friendly and made the whole experience comfortable.” Emese, Hungary 2014

“Zainab is an excellent teacher. She knows how to explain things and makes the classes enjoyable. She keeps good track of the students and communicates very well.” Urtzi, Spain 2014

“Zainab was excellent!!” Demetrius, Brazil, 2014

/aɪv ɪmpruːvd əlɒt aɪ bɪliːv | zeɪnəb tiːtʃɪz veri wel əm meɪks ðə lesən ɪntrəstɪŋ/ Laszlo, Hungary 2014

“Zainab is a very good teacher and fun to learn with.” Juan, Spain 2013

“Zainab – you’ve been a star!” Suzanne, Poland 2013

“I am really happy. Very good teacher Zainab!” Maria, Chile 2013

“I was impressed with the knowledge and skills of the instructors, both my 121 teacher Tom and Level 2 teacher Zainab, could identify individual pronunciation problems and answer various questions with clear explanations.” Akiko, Japan 2013

“The quality of the teaching was outstanding! The teacher’s knowledge was, and is, the highest I could have ever expected when enrolling on the course. On top of that, her classroom management skills were/are excellent! The material provided was covered in full every lesson with crystal clarity. Always available for clarification or discussion. Absolutely a great asset to the school!” Sonia, Italy 2012

“I am trained in phonetics and I did this course because I wanted to improve my pronunciation with a teacher who was a native speaker. Zainab is an excellent teacher who loves phonetics.” Marcio, Brazil 2012

“All the teachers were extremely professional and very helpful. It was great to see the different teaching styles. You did an awesome job!” Lisa, Austria 2013

“Zainab was aware of our background and our native language. She explained very clearly and with a lot of examples. She was also aware of our personal difficulties. I would recommend the course.” Ines, Spain 2012

“I have to say thank you to Zainab and Katie, they are great teachers and I’d like to meet them again in the future. I’m very thankful to both of them.” Maria, Brazil 2012

“As the course and Zainab’s way of teaching were highly motivating I feel confident to keep working for other improvements after the course.” David, Spain 2012

“Permanent correction of mistakes and motivating. Zainab continuously paid attention to each person’s pronunciation and provided suitable advice.” Ayako, Japan 2012

“The teaching was very good, I found both Zainab and Erica very competent,there was a difference in the teaching method and I enjoyed both styles.” Danusa, Brazil 2012

“Excellent teaching team. I met 2 teachers Lis and Zainab. Both of them were excellent!” Hakan, Turkey 2012

“Materials are very useful and Zainab my teacher was excellent!” Folashade, Nigeria 2012