Tom’s Voice


BA Teaching English as a Foreign Language
IPA Certificate

Tom Wisniowski

Tom is the complete pronunciation teacher, bringing 10 years of classroom experience, vast subject knowledge, and solid technique in eliminating mother tongue interference. He has specialised in the acquisition and teaching of accents since completing a thesis on the subject in 2004. Since then he has taught phonetics and pronunciation to students from all over the world. Tom is also a proficient musician, which gives his work an acute attention to detail.


“Tom’s approach was the best as he gave alot of personal correction” Marian, Holland 2014

“I love Tom! He was really fast and accurate.” Anna, Russia 2013

“I was impressed with the knowledge and skills of the instructors, Tom could identify individual pronunciation problems and answer various questions with clear explanations.” Akiko, Japan 2013

“All the teachers were extremely professional and very helpful. It was great to see the different teaching styles. You did an awesome job!” Lisa, Austria 2013

“Tom is wonderful!” Gianfranco, Italy 2013

“Thanks for your patience with my lazy tongue and for the extra time – I really appreciate that.” Marta, Spain 2013

“The quality of teaching, method and materials was very good. Tom was dedicated and vigorous and the material presented in the book can be easily understood by anyone.” Marek, Poland 2012

“I read once that ‘The average teacher explains complexity; the gifted teacher reveals simplicity’ – my teacher was a master of simplification. Everyone could see that he loved what he was doing and whatever our question was, he could provide us with answers and explanation.” Anna, Poland 2012

“Teaching was combination of classes, audio, reference book, exercises, homework. But our instructor Tom Wisniowski was the best resource.” Preslava, Bulgaria 2011