Over 15,000 students from 80+ countries have followed Pronunciation Studio’s courses. Since 2008 we have consistently received over 99% positive feedback from our students. Here you can read comments from feedback, interviews and social media:

I can actually hear myself when I make a mistake – “that’s not in English, that’s in my accent!” – in Latvian we don’t have a schwa for example. I feel that I can correct myself.
Anita Karklina
I achieved what I wanted. I have no more patients asking ‘Can you say that again?’ or ‘What did you say?’ I think I have a very good communication with the patients which was one of my main things. So that’s improved. My confidence has improved massively. It’s really good fun, lots of fun. I loved it.
Sandra Toccalino
I was always dreading the English director’s words: could you please tone down your Spanish accent? Recording TV commercials in English when English is not your first language is a tall order. It has been just amazing how in a few weeks I could go back to the recording studios and sound with much more clarity and finesse.
Javier Fernandez-Pena

“What I gained will help me for the rest of my life, not only in the professional field but also in the psychological aspect. On top of the practical improvement in pronunciation, the lessons increased my confidence based on the concrete knowledge of sounds and rules. I was impressed with the knowledge and skills of the instructors, who could identify individual pronunciation problems and answer various questions with clear explanations. The materials are something that I will continue reviewing and listening to!” Akiko, Japan

“I cannot put it down into words how significant my accent has improved. I can now conduct meetings over the phone without having to be interrupted with ‘pardon’.” Josh, Ghana

“My diction is clearer. I have less doubts in a normal conversation. I learnt to pronounce words in a fluent conversation. I learnt to use proper intonation. It’s been a very varied and deep course.” Vins, China

“As a teacher myself, I can tell you – your teachers are amazing!!” Christina, Germany

“Really enjoyed the course. I became more aware of the mistakes I make and self-correct more often. I am able to distinguish different vowels better. The teacher was really knowledgable and patient.” Magda, Poland

“The course has thought me a whole new way of looking at and listening to the sounds of English. This is a great little school.” Adamu, Nigeria

“Having lessons in pronunciation after 10 years of studying English at school, I will say that it was like trying to build a house and discovering it is easier with the right tools.” Carmen, Spain

”I can hear and how to pronounce IPA letters, especially vowels. I gained clarity. I very much appreciated the amount of pronunciation/ repetitions we did. Great input to improve English.” Cathy, France

“I am very happy with the course, it gave me confidence dealing with clients at work.” Olga, France

“In everyday conversations I feel I’m doing better in both understanding my colleagues and expressing myself. Teaching – amazing, incredible! Method and materials – really very good!” Elena, Russia

“This course has clearly helped to correct the words that I used to pronounce incorrectly. I become conscious while I speak and also while listen to others. Quality of teaching is really good, excellent in explaining the concepts and making learning very easy.” Praveed, India

“Unexpectedly I realise I understand people better.” Rafaella, Italy

“I started noticing a lot of things I had never noticed before (affricatives, dropping of consonants etc). I have corrected my pronunciation of many words. I will definitely attend the second level course.” Elena, Spain

“I’ve learnt how to pronounce vowels and consonants and gained understanding of my English pronunciation weaknesses. It’s been more useful to me than any other language courses that I’ve ever taken.” Zair, Spain

“Almost everything that I’ve learnt was new to me and the whole course was an ongoing revelation. My general understanding of the concepts involved in theory and practice have greatly improved.  I found the course fascinating and very helpful. I can’t wait to learn more and put it all into practice.” Caroline, England

Thank you to all those who have taken the time to give us feedback, it is hugely valuable, we appreciate it greatly!