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Learn British English

A Practical Course in Pronunciation

‘The Sound of English will take you step by step to clear, accurate spoken English using a neutral GB English accent. Over 9 chapters, you’ll master the sounds, structures, intonation and IPA of English. Packed with practical drills and exercises with audio, you’ll improve from day 1, no more confusion about which sound to say or how to pronounce sounds.

Made by specialist pronunciation teachers at Pronunciation Studio in London, the course includes 30 hours of study with full audio. It’s really easy to use – thousands of students worldwide have taken their English to its potential on the course. And the first chapter is free, so have a go now and see how quickly your spoken English accuracy can change.

“All the tricks you need to know in order to sound like a native speaker. Highly recommended to all of those who want get their command of the English language to another dimension.”
Javier Fernandez Pena – Voice over for Spanish Buzz, Toy Story 3.

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Designed by Experts in London

The Sound of English was designed and created in London by a specialist group of IPA certified teachers at the Pronunciation Studio. We have taught thousands of students to speak clear, accurate English since opening in 2008. ‘The Sound of English’ embodies all of our classroom experience.

A Practical & Effective Approach

The Sound of English is split into 8 chapters and an introduction chapter (free sample). Each chapter is split into Sounds, Spelling to Sound, Structure & Intonation and builds the user’s knowledge step by step. Each section contains a straightforward progression which can be used for self-study or incorporated into a classroom environment, the stages are as follows:

INTRODUCTION: a teaser designed to raise your awareness to the topic.
PRESENTATION BOX: all the information you need to acquire.
REPETITION DRILL: designed to increase confidence and accuracy.
EXERCISES: activities designed to test your knowledge of the topic.

Everything is accompanied with audio meaning you can practise through repetition and listening.

Available in 3 Formats

Book + 3CDs

 Free delivery to the UK.
 140 page book with 3 audio cds.

Ebook + Audio

 140 page pdf + 200 mp3
 Instant download, use on any computer/device.


 Designed for Apple devices.
 Fully interactive.

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