Vowel Grid Session


This session introduces the vowel grid as a tool for learning pronunciation:

  • Positions represented: jaw, tongue, lips.
  • Mapping English sounds.


The vowel grid is a shape that represents the inside of the mouth. Using a combination of vertical and horizontal lines, and dots placed within the quadrilateral, it’s possible to show the position of vowel sounds.

Although the shape and concept of the vowel grid can seem a bit abstract, it is one of the most valuable tools for mastering vowel systems. It is particularly useful regarding:

  • raising awareness of how articulators move (jaw, tongue, lips).
  • creating distinct pairs of sounds such as /iː/ vs /ɪ/.
  • encouraging an understanding of vowels as distinct positions.

In this session we will learn how the vowel grid works, and practise matching the articulators to the grid.

We will also map the English mouth positions for the teacher’s (Southern British) accent.