Rhoticity – Session

This session is now finished, you can watch a video of the presentation section here. If you’d like to take the session as a 30 minute 121 class, you can purchase it below. 


The letter R is silent in many British English accents, except when it is before a vowel sound. This session compares these accents (non-rhotic) with accents that do pronounce every R. 

  • Rhotic vs Non-rhotic Accents
  • Vowels with and without /r/


One of the most striking features of many British accents is the omission of an /r/ sound in words like PARK, MOTHER, ARE etc. 

The rule is quite simple: only say an /r/ when it is before a vowel sound. 

However, in most English accents speakers would pronounce the /r/ in these words – including General American English. 

In this session we’ll compare accents that are rhotic (American, West Country, Irish, Scottish) and non-rhotic (RP, Cockney, MLE, Northern) and see how the vowel system changes in rhotic accents. 

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