Received Pronunciation

The Neutral ‘BBC’ Accent

Learn to speak English with a ‘neutral’ Received Pronunciation / BBC accent with professional individual training. Classes are suitable for native English speakers and high level second language English speakers.

The course has significantly improved my confidence speaking in social situations and my management skills at work have also benefited. The experience was not only a transformativeone but also fun. At last I’ve found my true voice!
My entire speech sounds better.
I’ve started noticing the difference between American and British English. I can distinguish some British Accents. I know how how all of the sounds sound.
Ekaterina, Russia
I have learnt a lot more about the English language generally and I have been surprised to find how RP has quite specific patterns in respect to where you would place the stress on a certain phrase or sentence. I thought David was brilliant and would highly recommend him to anyone looking to do accent reduction.
Fantastic selection of materials and really nice teachers.
Paula, Spain

What is covered?

Received Pronunciation courses are individually designed to cover any areas that you need to work on in order to achieve accurate production of the accent. Study areas are all or some of:
  • Pronunciation – the 45 vowel and consonant sounds of RP.
  • Structures – the way speech is joined and stressed in the RP model.
  • Intonation – use of pitch and pattern to convey meaning and attitude.
  • Phonetics: analysing and correcting speech using phonetic representations.

Course Information

RP is a British English accent often referred to as ‘neutral’ or ‘BBC’. Like any accent, it is formed of a particular group of sounds, intonation and joining rules which are clearly distinguishable from other accents. These can be taught and learnt in order to produce RP in everyday speech.
The aim of these classes is to give you control over your speech so that you can choose how you sound. If you currently speak with a strong accent, you will learn how to switch from that to an RP accent when you want to, you will not lose the ability to speak in your original accent.
Most people who learn RP do so in order to be able to communicate more clearly in professional or social situations, or for stage reasons. One of the key advantages of speaking in RP in certain situations is that most listeners’ ears will hear it clearly, which may not be the case with strong regional or foreign English accents.
All courses include ‘The Sound of English’ in both book and e-book formats – it is Pronunciation Studio’s course book covering the sounds and structures of Received Pronunciation. All activities are accompanied by audio for consistent repetition practice to master each element of the course.
Individual courses can take place any time from 09:00-21:00 Monday to Friday & 09:00-17:00 on Saturdays. Other timetables are available upon request. Most students take 1 or 2 classes of one hour every week, but this is flexible depending on your availability and how much time you have to practise.
This depends on your current spoken level of control. Some people can master the accent in 5 classes, others take 20 or more. We recommend taking an individual assessment class first to see how the course works – your teacher will advise you on a suitable course length to achieve your goals.

Booking & Information

To make a booking or if you have any questions, contact us via phone or e-mail, alternatively visit us during reception hours. Payment for courses can be made by card, transfer or cash.

T: 0207 4040777


V: 37 Gray’s Inn Road, London, WC1X 8PQ

Reception: 9-5 Monday to Friday.


Assessment Class (60 Minutes) – £69.99

– 1 hour £89
– 3 hours £249
– 5 hours £399
– 10 hours £749
10+ hours £74/hour

To study 2:1, add 10%, 3:1 add 20%.

For off-site prices, please contact us for a quote with your timetable requirements and postcode.