Private Groups

Follow the Pronunciation and/or Intonation courses in a closed group with friends or colleagues. Flexible timetables and groups of 2 to 10 participants

Private groups are ideal for companies, couples, friends and family groups who would like to study together. Participants can be logged in in separate locations, or together in one place. If the group is monolingual, we’ll adapt the courses to cover specific areas of difficulty.

“The course is absolutely amazing. I have learnt so much and the teacher is really enthusiastic and helped me with any questions. I have learnt to approach English speaking from a new angle, improved my confidence in speaking and understandings not only in the pronunciation but also in the British culture. Definitely recommend it for anyone who want to take their pronunciation to the next level. :)”



We cover the full course books The Sound of English Pronunciation, and The Sound of English Intonation in 20 live online classes.

To view a full breakdown of the 4 level syllabus, visit this page


Class 1V: Introduction
Class 2V: Schwa
Class 3V: Short
Class 4V: Long
Class 5V: Diphthong

Class 1C: Introduction
Class 2C: Fricatives
Class 3C: Plosives
Class 4C: Approximants
Class 5C: Nasals


Class 1S: Stressing
Class 2S: Sentence Stress
Class 3S: Tone Units
Class 4S: Choosing Stress
Class 5S: Shifting Stress

Class 1T: Intonation
Class 2T: Tones
Class 3T: Questions
Class 4T: Statements
Class 5T: Tone Combinations

Covering the Level 1 & Level 2 courses will give you an overview of English sounds, IPA, stress and intonation. You’ll learn lots of techniques to transfer the skills into daily speech.


The prices are for the entire group including materials for every participant. 

1 Level

/ Pronunciation or Intonation
/ 10 x 45 minute classes
/ 2 to 10 participants
/ Flexible timetable


2 Levels

/ Pronunciation & Intonation
/ 20 x 45 minute classes
/ 2 to 10 participants
/ Flexible timetable



We can provide in-house group training for companies in London, please use the contact form for a quote. 

Yes, if your group needs practice in specific areas, we will adapt the course to focus more on these.

For monolingual groups (all speakers have the same first language) we will focus especially on common errors to this mother tongue.

We can normally get a new group going within 7 days if you are keen to get going. We need to:

  • Arrange a timetable
  • Process the payment
  • Set up every attendee with access
Use the contact form on this page to send your requirements. Give as much information as possible about your timetable and group size etc.

We’ll get back to you in 24 hours (Mon-Fri) to arrange the classes.

We can provide training to up to 100 people at one time, though the amount of individual interaction obviously drops – these are more in the style of webinars. 

If you would like to arrange training for 10+, please contact us for a quote. 

This is flexible – we recommend at least one lesson per week to maintain continuity in the course. 

More intensive options are available, for example you can cover both levels in 1 week (20 classes) if you choose. 

Every attendee has access to the ebooks and audio for The Sound of English books. 

Additionally every attendee can use the online library of lessons for 3 months (1 level) or 6 months (2 levels) so there is plenty for learners to work with. 

Group courses are available 08:00-21:00 Monday to Friday and by arrangement on weekends. The courses can be taken weekly (the course will last 10-20 weeks), or intensively in the space of 1 week – the timetable is flexible.


Fill in the form for any questions regarding private groups or if you require groups of 10+ and a quote. Alternatively use the payment options above to automatically reserve a course. We’ll contact you to arrange the classes.  

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