King Charles’ Accent

The UK has a new monarch, King Charles III and with him a new English model: The King’s English. So what does he sound like? Below is the original article, the newer video is linked above. 

1. Charles’ accent is like his mum’s

Although it’s been 70 years since a change of monarch in the UK, King Charles’ accent isn’t very different from his mother’s. It’s the sort of accent you’d hear in the 1950s on the BBC: Upper Received Pronunciation and it’s really only spoken now by ageing aristocrats.

2. King Nasal

Charles’ vocal delivery is instantly recogniseable: his tone is so nasal, his speech so muffled at times that he could have easily played The Godfather.

3. Charles III speaks really very quickly

Queen Elizabeth spoke slowly, always. Charles mixes it up in remarkable fashion. Sometimes he takes his time, but then at other times he speaks so quickly that it’s almost impossible to imitate.

4. The King likes a fall

He probably wouldn’t like the monarchy to fall and have his head chopped off a la Charles I. But if you listen to Charles III without focussing on the words you’ll hear a lot of ↘this. He absolutely loves a high falling intonation pattern.

5. Charles’ accent is the end of an era.

It’s rare for people to encounter somebody in everyday life who sounds like Elizabeth II or Charles III. England’s next monarch will bring a slightly more contemporary speech style to the throne, whoever it is…