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Karen’s Voice


CELTA Cambridge English Teaching Certificate
IPA Certificate of Proficiency in the Phonetics of English
MBBS  Bachelor of Medicine,
Bachelor of Surgery
BSc  Neuroscience

Karen Cheung

Karen is an experienced and qualified professional English teacher and has been teaching at Pronunciation Studio since 2013. Initially Karen qualified in the field of medicine, but found herself drawn towards linguistics, the combination of these interests bringing her to Pronunciation Studio to teach phonetics.

Karen is a highly skilled classroom teacher with excellent technique and subject knowledge. She has obtained the Cambridge teaching certificate and also trained intensively in-house at Pronunciation Studio in pronunciation teaching practice and methodology.

Karen teaches individual and group courses in London.


“Karen is a great teacher, absolutely ! She helped me tremendously and I got some useful tricks from her.” Laurentiu, Romania 2015

“I totally recommend Pronunciation Studio, they have been very professional since the first minute, I am in a group of Spanish people and our teacher “Karen” has a great knowledge of our Mediterranean accent, which helps us a lot to avoid our pronunciation mistakes…The lessons are very dynamic and Karen is a very good teacher!!!!!!” Jose, Spain 2014-2015

“I received the first and second level classes of Pronunciation Studio school with Karen teacher. Her attitude was very good, always trying to help me and focusing on my own pronunciation mistakes. Definitely one of the best English teacher I have ever had. The quality of the classes was awesome, finally my accent improved a lot. Now I have less problems to understand native people and they understand me perfectly.” Ander, Spain 2014-2015

“Karen is a very experienced and motivating teacher, she helped me a lot to improve my pronunciation! Lessons were composed around individual requirements and the programme was flexible to allow focus on my weak points in pronunciation, dealing quickly with areas where I was already strong enough. Also, Karen came up with a few ideas and tips which suited me perfectly for practicing better! Also, as she studied medicine in the past, she helped me with the correct pronunciation of medical terms – as my job is in medical science and it’s very difficult sometime to find out how exactly to pronounce the names of syndromes, diseases and drugs.” Katerina, Ukraine 2014-2015

“Karen was extremely helpful and instructive during our one-to-one classes. I felt very privileged to have tailor made classes to suit my needs; she’s the best teacher I ever came across.” Fernanda, Brazil 2014

“I have been very impressed by Karen’s teaching. Her broad knowledge of subject matter, her enthusiasm and her professionalism made a real difference in my pronunciation learning. Each lesson was thoroughly prepared and presented in a clear and structured way with written-out objectives to work on. Karen’s teaching is a combination of an amazing expertise on linguistics and a warm, accessible and enthusiastic attitude. Karen is a great teacher!”  Vanessa, France 2014

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