121 Training

Follow our 4 level program individually at your pace 121 with one of our IPA Certified teachers. The course materials and syllabus are adapted to your needs and goals

“Throughout the course my British pronunciation dramatically improved, I am now able to put aside my Russian accent and my listening skills improved as well.”


Course Options

1 Level is 10 Lessons

5 Lessons

(in 3 months)

/ 5 x 45 mins


10 Lessons

(in 6 months)

/ 10 x 45 mins


20 Lessons

(in 12 months)

/ 20 x 45 mins


30 Lessons

(in 12 months)

/ 30 x 45 mins


40 Lessons

(in 12 months)

/ 40 x 45 mins



In Individual Training, the course books are adapted to your needs. If you need more focus on specific vowels, we’ll make sure they are prominent. The standard syllabus before adapting is shown below:

To view a full breakdown of the 4 level syllabus, visit this page


Class 1V: Introduction
Class 2V: Schwa
Class 3V: Short
Class 4V: Long
Class 5V: Diphthong

Class 1C: Introduction
Class 2C: Fricatives
Class 3C: Plosives
Class 4C: Approximants
Class 5C: Nasals



Class 1S: Stressing
Class 2S: Sentence Stress
Class 3S: Tone Units
Class 4S: Choosing Stress
Class 5S: Shifting Stress

Class 1T: Intonation
Class 2T: Tones
Class 3T: Questions
Class 4T: Statements
Class 5T: Tone Combinations

Levels 1 & 2 cover English sounds, IPA, stress and intonation. You’ll learn lots of techniques to transfer the skills into daily speech. Level 3 (Phonetics) and Level 4 (Accents) are more advanced and designed based on your specific needs. See the syllabus page for examples. 

Purchasing any option gives you instant access to the library of materials including the weekly live  lessons. If you have not already arranged your classes, we will be in touch within 24 hours (Mon to Fri) to do so. Your access to the materials begins immediately after purchase and ends after the time indicated in brackets.


Your teacher will design a course for you based on your needs and prepare your classes accordingly. 

If you need to work on specific sounds, stress, areas of intonation or accent reduction, we’ll work on these with you first. 

Some learners benefit from studying the entire 4 level syllabus, others need more specific areas. 

If you’d like to discover your main areas to work on, take an assessment class first to receive detailed feedback. 

Most learners take one or two classes each week, some study intensively over a couple of days or weeks, our timetables are entirely flexible for individual training. Our teachers are available Monday to Friday 09:00-21:00, Saturdays 10:00-17:00. 

Improving pronunciation involves a lot of repetition of any sounds that are difficult. This should be repeated with the audio as often as possible to build up the strength in your mouth and your listening accuracy. You’ll also normally have some exercises to do for spelling to sound, IPA, and ear training if they are relevant to your course. 

Every course includes Pronunciation Studio’s 2 course books – ‘The Sound of English’ Pronunciation & Intonation.

Your teacher may provide additional materials based on your needs – we have a large archive of exercises, audio and lessons for specific requirements. 

Online via Zoom, or face to face in central London by arrangement.
We have some availability for face to face classes in central London in the evenings and on weekends. These classes are 60 minutes (not 45) and can be purchased in batches of 4 classes for £349.

If you would like face to face classes, please send us an email to info@pronunciationstudio.com with your requirements.

All classes are taught by Pronunciation Studio’s IPA certified teaching team Joseph, Tom, David and Zainab. Every member of the team has over 10 years’ classroom experience.

Normally students stay with the same teacher throughout their course.

After completing 8 hours of individual training (or a group course) you are entitled to 10% off future course purchases. Please use code RETURNER at checkout.

If you are already aware of your requirements and you know this training is suitable, then do go ahead and book.

If you’d like to try it first or learn about your requirements with a speech assessment, it’s recommended that you book an assessment class.

Yes, all 121 courses include access to our live group classes held via Zoom every week. See the group and lessons sections for the timetable and upcoming classes.