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Every learner knows that English is a difficult language to speak accurately. It uses a wide range of sounds, joining rules and a distinctive intonation.

With Pronunciation Studio’s courses and materials, you can join thousands of advanced learners worldwide who have mastered these aspects of English to make their speech clear, confident & engaging, using a British accent model. It’s all in ‘The Sound of English’:

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The three key skills:

Sound Production

English contains 19 vowel sounds and 26 consonant sounds. The key is firstly to know how to produce every sound using the articulators (lips, tongue, mouth) and voice. Secondly to know how to select every sound, as English spelling is not always kind to us.

Connected Speech

To speak really confidently you need to join sounds smoothly. This involves learning which sounds are weak, which sounds disappear and which sounds change together. Speaking more slowly is one solution, but to speak with true fluency, joining must be mastered.


English has three intonation patterns; falling, rising and fall-rising which are used with stress patterns to give emotion and meaning to speech. A few simple techniques can totally change the way your English sounds and the way you understand native speakers.

Thousands of learners from all over the world have learnt these skills and taken their English to its potential at Pronunciation Studio since 2008. 

Whether you are having a coffee with a friend, talking on the phone, or communicating in the work place, these key skills will ensure that you are confident in the way you speak. 

“I achieved what I wanted. I have no more patients asking ‘Can you say that again?’ or ‘What did you say?’ I think I have a very good communication with the patients which was one of my main things. So that’s improved. My confidence has improved massively. It’s really good fun, lots of fun. I loved it.”
Sandra Toccalino, Pharmacist

“I was always dreading the English director’s words: could you please tone down your Spanish accent? Recording TV commercials in English when English is not your first language is a tall order. It has been just amazing how in a few weeks I could go back to the recording studios and sound with much more clarity and finesse.”
Javier Fernandez Pena, Spanish Buzz, Toy Story 3

“What I gained will help me for the rest of my life, not only in the professional field but also in the psychological aspect. On top of the practical improvement in pronunciation, the lessons increased my confidence based on the concrete knowledge of sounds and rules.”
Akiko, Japanese Student

Download the Free Course

‘The Sound of English’ is Pronunciation Studio’s course pack designed by our IPA Certified team of teachers. It includes notes, audio, drills and exercises you need to take your speaking skills further. Inside are the 45 sounds of English, 3 intonation patterns and joining rules – all with professional audio accompaniment.

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Learn with Specialist Teachers

Pronunciation Studio’s team of 10 teachers are IPA Certified in English phonetics, with over a hundred years of combined classroom experience. We specialise in pronunciation teaching – in fact, we don’t teach any other aspects of English, with courses available in Central London and online via Skype, you can study with us wherever you are.

“As a teacher myself, I can tell you – your teachers are amazing!” Christina, Germany, 2012

Start Today

Individual Assessment Class

Learn how to improve your pronunciation and intonation in a 60 minute one to one class.  You’ll receive the full Pronunciation Studio course book and learn the fundamental 3 skills: sounds, connected speech and joining. The class is available in our Central London studios or online via Skype video call.

Free Group Taster

Learn to pronounce the most common (and possibly most tricky) sound in English – the Schwa /ə/ in a small group in Central London. It’s the perfect way to try the materials (you receive a free sample of ‘The Sound of English’ in class) and method with no obligation to sign up.