Individual and group training designed for second language (ESL) English speakers in London and online.

Individual and group training designed for second language (ESL) English speakers in London and online.

Our pronunciation courses and learning materials focus on 4 essential areas of spoken English:

Mouth Movement

How to move the tongue, jaw and lips, and to use the voice to accurately produce the 44 sounds of English.

Spelling to Sound

The relationship between written English and its pronunciation. We learn the rules, exceptions and IPA symbols for every sound.

Connected Speech

The way sounds change when they join together. This helps learners to produce and hear speech as quickly as a native speaker does.

Stress and Intonation

The melodies and stresses of English speech: when to go up, down and how to use pitch range to show emotion.

Since 2008 over 50,000 learners from more than a hundred countries have improved their pronunciation skills at Pronunciation Studio, online and in London.  

Pronunciation and intonation are often ignored on English courses; learners achieve a high level in grammar, vocabulary and writing, but do not reach their potential in speaking or listening skills.

Although English does have an unusual relationship between its written and spoken forms, these areas can be learnt like any other with rules, exceptions, and above all plenty of practice. 

Spoken Accuracy

Using the full range of sounds means words are pronounced clearly, fewer mistakes and less need to repeat.

Listening Skills

Usually the first sign of improvement is faster, more detailed listening skills: learners hear things they’d never noticed before.

Long Term Progress

Now the sounds and rules are learnt, students normally continue to improve because they can recognise their mistakes.

It’s easy to start improving your pronunciation skills with Pronunciation Studio, whether you prefer to study alone, individually or in a group:

Download the free sample of our course book ‘The Sound of English’ which covers each sound with audio, IPA and practice activities.

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Discover your areas of strengths and weakness in English pronunciation with a 60 minute session with one of our IPA certified teachers.

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Learn sounds and intonation with individual training or group course. Practical, fun, and taught by specialists with 10+ years of experience.

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Our team is certified by the International Phonetic Association as proficient in English phonetics, on top of the usual teaching, voice/language qualifications.

Zainab, Tom, David & Joseph have been teaching together at Pronunciation Studio for over 10 years, since the school began in Central London in 2008.

Everything we do at Pronunciation Studio is designed to be practical, fun and above all student-focused from our learning materials to our blog and courses.