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Master the sounds and intonation of British English with the course book made in London and followed by over 10,000 learners worldwide. Instant download on any computer or device, with full audio. It’s fun, it’s practical and the free 20 page version with audio is yours to download now:

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4 essential sections:


How to use your mouth (tongue, lips & jaw) to correctly produce the 19 vowel and 26 consonant sounds and the IPA symbol for every sound.

Spelling to Sound

How to choose the right sound based on spelling – English can be confusing, but here we learn the rules and silent letters.


How sounds join together to form fluent connected speech, using strong and weak forms – all the rules and tricks.


The 3 tones of English – falling ↘, rising ↗ and fall-rising ↘↗, how/when to use them and what they can mean.

Thousands of students from over 100 countries have studied ‘The Sound of English’

“All the tricks you need to know in order to sound like a native speaker. Highly recommended to all of those who want get their command of the English language to another dimension.”
Javier Fernandez Pena, Spanish Buzz - Toy Story 3
“I tried learning English pronunciation using other books, I won’t name them here. The point is that your book was the only one which gave me a clear direction of what a corrrect English pronunciation should be.”
Laurentiu, Romania
“Practical and effective, I would recommend this book. The organisation is logical and effective, a lot of thought (and experience) has gone into designing the lessons, the practice drills and the other activities.”
P Roux, ESL Teacher, FInland
“Excellent: clear, easy to use and well structured.”
Sigrid, German Speaker

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How it works:

Made in London classrooms:

‘The Sound of English’ is by Pronunciation Studio school in London.  We are a team of IPA Certified CELTA Qualified speech and pronunciation teachers in Central London. Thousands of students from all over the world follow our courses every year – it’s practical, it’s fun and most importantly, it’s effective.

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 140 Pages (15-30 hours’ study)
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