Learn the art of clear, expressive speech through working on pronunciation, connected speech and intonation. 

“It has been just amazing how in a few weeks I could sound with more clarity and finesse.” Javier Fernandez Pena (Toy Story 3, Spanish Buzz Lightyear)

At Pronunciation Studio, we specialise in teaching advanced 2nd language English speakers to use the full range of English sounds, structures and tones in their speech. Our elocution courses are available in central London and online (via Skype) and taught by specialist IPA certified trainers.

GB English contains 45 sounds – that’s 19 vowel sounds and 26 consonants, we teach you how to use the articulators (tongue, jaw, lips, throat) to produce these sounds correctly. When we speak naturally, the sounds join and change – this is connected speech, and covered when we look at structure. Finally, we work on intonation – the way your speech sounds with pitch – downward and upward movements and the use of stress.

Pronunciation Studio’s course book ‘The Sound of English’ contains all of the notes, diagrams, exercises and audio to accompany the elocution course. Over 9 chapters it covers all the key areas of GB English speech – you can download the first chapter as a free sample here. Over 10,000 learners have followed the course worldwide.

Teachers here are IPA certified (by the International Phonetic Association) elocution coaches with a minimum of 5 years of teaching experience. Our first step is to hear your speech and highlight all the areas that you can work on. This could be just a couple of sounds or the whole range, it depends on your skills and language background. Once your needs are established, we offer a range of group, individual and online course options.

Group courses take place in central London – you can try the method here with a free group taster class. For a more personally designed approach, individual lessons are designed for you, and normally start with a 60 minute assessment class to assess your needs. If you can’t come to London, we also teach individually online via high speed video/audio link, starting with an online taster class.

Thousands of students have made their speech clear and expressive at Pronunciation Studio since we started in 2008 – read their testimonials here

How do I start?

Normally the most effective way to begin an elocution course is to take an individual assessment so that one of our teachers can hear your level and explain the areas you can work on. Full information and booking is here.

For full information on Pronunciation Studio’s elocution courses, dates and booking, view our courses page. If you’d like to discuss your needs on the telephone or by e-mail, please use the contact page or fill out the form at the bottom of this page, we respond same day Mon-Fri.

Our blog has new articles on pronunciation every week – so even if you are not ready to study yet, you can find a wealth of materials on pronunciation. To receive new articles by e-mail, sign up for free here.

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