Learn how to pronounce the 45 sounds of GB English in this free pack by Pronunciation Studio.

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What’s Included?

14 Page Ebook

PDF to instantly view, download or print.

11 Audio Tracks

Stream or download on any device or computer.

Answer Key

Every activity accompanied by interactive answer key.

IPA Chart

To save and refer to for all the sounds you’ve learnt!

Works instantly on any:

desktop computer,




(& human). 

What’s Covered?

Vowel Sounds

How to pronounce every vowel sound with audio examples, their spellings and mouth positions.

Consonant Sounds

Each English consonant with examples, audio and where it is made in the mouth.

Silent < r >

When do you say an < r > and when is it silent? We learn and practise the rule.


Thə most commən vowəl sound in English – it’s nevər stressed, we learn how tə prənounce it.

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