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David Bauckham

David is a voice teacher, actor, and voice-over artist. He has over ten years experience teaching English pronunciation to non-native speakers. He has also taught practical voice and accents & dialects at many drama schools and privately. His years of experience as an actor in all the media and his broad knowledge of phonetics and accent studies are invaluable in informing his teaching.


“I am more mindful of how I make sounds, the use of my face muscles, tongue and lips and their role in creating my speech. I have learnt a lot more about the English language generally and I have been surprised to find how RP has quite specific patterns in respect to where you would place the stress on a certain phrase or sentence. I thought David was brilliant and would highly recommend him to anyone looking to do accent reduction.​” – Karen, August 2014

“I had an incredible private class with David Bauckham who helped me to prepare for the entrance exam to the Royal Central School of Speech and Drama, which I successfully passed.​” – Ekaterina Valeeva-Farrington, March 2015