Pronunciation Studio simply wouldn’t exist without the thousands of learners who have joined us over the past 14 years. Thank you for studying with us and for your comments!

It was exciting to study how English pronunciation works - no one would teach that at school. Many new and sometimes unexpected rules to learn, a lot to practice - and you can actually see progress. I started to notice how others speak, what kind of accent natives use, what mistakes non-natives make, and at the same time started to listen to myself - how I can speak English better. Great course with great teachers!

Andrey Petrov Avatar
Andrey Petrov

“I have no more patients asking ‘Can you say that again?’ or ‘What did you say?’ I think I have a very good communication with the patients which was one of my main things. My confidence has improved massively. I can be in any sort of conversation with anyone and just follow the conversations.   I don’t get lost anymore thinking ‘did they say that?’ or have they said something else.  So it’s improved my social skills, confidence, work. I think in every aspect really. 

SANDRA TOCCALINO, NHS Doctor (Spanish Speaker) ★★★★★

Comments about David

“I have started to notice the language, accents and pronunciation of people around me. As for my own speech, I am now much more aware of where my ‘give aways’ are and I am conscious of trying to lessen the impact of those accent quirks. I am also more mindful of how I make sounds, the use of my face muscles, tongue and lips and their role in creating my speech. I have learnt alot more about the English language generally and I have been surprised to find how RP has quite specific patterns in respect to where you would place the stress on a certain phrase or sentence. I thought David was brilliant and would highly recommend him to anyone looking to do accent reduction.” ★★★★★


“Impact has been amazing. I have toned down my London accent which has supported my confidence to speak publicly. David has been supportive and positive which has made my progress easier. Thank you David!” ★★★★★


Amazing place, amazing teachers. I’ve been studying with David for a year, and every time I go to our sessions I enjoy myself. I love our conversations and having fun is the best way to learn. My accent has improved massively since last year and David is helping me to improve my American accent as well (I need it in my profession!). Every session is tailored on your needs and goals, but be aware, you have to practice a lot on your own if you want to get the best results. I truly advise to anyone who wants or needs to improve his/her accent to have a chat with one of the teachers at the Pronunciation Studio. 5 stars!!!

claudia bua Avatar
claudia bua

Comments about Zainab

“I really enjoyed learning with Zainab. She is a great teacher, very helpful and supportive. She identified all key issues I needed to improve and found her teaching techniques very effective. Her messages and explanations were very clear and easy to follow. She was also very friendly which made the whole experience comfortable.” ★★★★★ EMESE BODI, 2014

“I just wanted to tell you how content I was with my intonation course taught by Zainab! It was my second course with her and her teaching skills are very good. Zainab is indeed very engaging and fun! Thank you very much.” ★★★★★ YANNICK DEREPAS, 2018

“First of all let me give you my feedback on the assessment class with Zainab: It was far better than anything I could have expected. And I don’t know about the other teachers, I’m sure they are all great, but Zainab is just superb.” ★★★★★

Comments about Tom

“My pronunciation has immensely been improved in the past few months. Schwas, assimilation and clusters have been noticeable. I even received very positive response and praise from my colleagues and students. Tom – the best!” ★★★★★


I have improve a lot and I recognise fall, rise, fall rise in speech. I enjoyed the teaching styles of Tom & Karen a lot. I hope to see you soon again. The school is amazing! Love it!” ★★★★★


I will surely come back and bring friends. Tom is wonderful and very accomodating.★★★★★


I recommend "Pronunciation Studio" with all my heart. Just after the first few lessons, I noticed a huge difference in my pronunciation and understanding of what native speakers are saying to me. Each subsequent lesson opens my eyes wider and wider - until now I thought I knew English quite well, but my teacher Tom in Pronunciation Studio teaches me what I have never been taught in any other school - how to properly pronounce all the sounds specific to English. Such lessons are needed for anyone who cares about great English pronunciation and accent.

Agnieszka Kargol-Konieczna Avatar
Agnieszka Kargol-Konieczna