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Accent Reduction Training

Learn clear, accurate English sounds, structures & intonation.

English is your second language and you speak it well, but there is something missing – it doesn’t sound as good as it could. It sounds too much like your first language and sometimes people can’t understand what you are saying, which in turn leads to a drop in confidence.

This is a common problem for advanced learners of English. Why? Firstly because English has a large range of vowel and consonant sounds, unusual spelling to sound relationship and distinctive stress and intonation. Secondly because all of these areas are normally ignored on general English courses. The good news is that all of these parts of the language can be learnt, and this is what accent reduction training is about.

Using a highly practical PPP methodology, Pronunciation Studio’s teachers take you step by step to clear, accurate spoken English. Using a GB English model (a ‘neutral’ English, sometimes called BBC) you will firstly recognise the areas where mistakes are occuring, and then work step by step to the full range of sounds, structures and intonation. Thousands of advanced learners have taken their speech to a new level of accuracy and fluency on the program.

“It has been just amazing how in a few weeks I could go back to the recording studios and sound with much more clarity and finesse.”- Javier Fernandez Pena (Spanish Buzz in Toy Story 3) – Read Testimonials

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How does it work?

Accent Reduction Training involves 3 key areas of study:
1. Sounds – how to accurately pronounce the 45 sounds of English.
2. Structure – how to join sounds and words smoothly and fluently.
3. Intonation – how to use pitch, rhythm and stress to show meaning and emotion.

Normally they are studied in that order (that is how our Accent Reduction Group program works), but your individual course will be based on your needs, so we’ll start with the parts you need most help with first.

Individual training is flexible, you can study as often as your timetable allows. If you live in London, you may find that one or two classes of 1 hour every week is convenient, if you are visiting London, you can take the classes more intensively – up to 6 hours in one day is possible. Between and after classes you will have practise activities to perform, this is essential to ensure progress.

Every course includes Pronunciation Studio’s course book ‘The Sound of English’ a practical course in British English pronunciation – it is a step by step guide with full audio. Your homework and class activities are in there, your teacher may also provide additional materials for specific areas you need to work on.

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“I can actually hear myself when I make a mistake!” – read comments. 

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Accent Reduction Training is designed for advanced second language English speakers. Whether your first language is Spanish, Japanese, Igbo, Hindi or any other – the learning process is the same. Firstly we recognise the areas of speech to work on, then we go step by step to clear accurate English speech.
Pronunciation Studio is open for classes Monday to Friday 09:00-21:00 and Saturday 10:00-17:00, classes are also available outside of these times by special arrangement.
The quickest way is to call us or write us an e-mail using the form below. You can book for tomorrow or schedule a course for months in advance.
These courses are designed for advanced English learners, your grammar and vocabulary should be high level as we will not focus on these at all, we only work on pronunciation and our teachers speak at normal native speaker speed. An IELTS score of 6+ is usually fine, if you have any doubts, contact us first to see if the course is suitable.
Practice is key to improvement and we recommend doing a bit every day. Unlike other language skills, pronunciation is physical so it needs repetitive practise. If you can manage 15 to 30 mins every day, you’ll soon notice the results.
You should gradually improve from class 1 as long as you practise outside of class. Some things will improve quickly like new sounds and mouth positions, others can take longer like intonation and joining. The key elements in improving are taking it step by step and regularly practising. Students normally result significant changes in the space of months.


‘The Sound of English’ course book with 3CDs (or mp3 download) is included with your first booking. The hourly price is reduced the more hours you purchase.


Assessment Class (60 Minutes) – £69.99

– 1 hour £89
– 3 hours £249
– 5 hours £399
– 10 hours £749
10+ hours £74/hour

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Bookings & Information

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To make a booking or if you require any further information about Pronunciation Studio’s courses, please use the form on the right, or call us during reception times (9-5 Mon-Fri). Better still, pop in and visit us, we are located in Central London (see below).

Tel: 0207 4040777 / +44 207 4040777 (from abroad)

E-mail: info@pronunciationstudio.com

Address: 37 Gray’s Inn Rd, London, WC1X 8PQ

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Payment for your course can be made securely online by card or Paypal – you will receive instant confirmation by e-mail.

In Reception & by Telephone

Alternatively we accept card payments and cash in reception & card payments by telephone – 0207 4040777.

Invoices & Transfers

If you require an invoice for your course or would like to make a transfer or international transfer, please contact us and we will provide the details.

Cancellation Policy

Cancellation Policy – no charge for classes cancelled 48 hours in advance. Refunds available for all classes minus £15 admin charge.

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