Group Courses

Learn the sounds, structures and intonation of GB English in a small group of advanced English learners in central London. Courses are available both intensively and weekly, all are taught by Pronunciation Studio’s IPA Certified ESL specialist pronunciation teachers.

Thousands of learners from all over the world with over 100 different mother tongues have followed this course since we started in 2008. It is designed to make the learning process practical and fun with a balance between interactive group work, and individual correction by your teacher – this is why groups are small.

The Pronunciation Studio course book ‘The Sound of English’ is included with your course, containing all the drills and exercises you will use in class and at home. Between classes you should practise using the book and audio to ensure you transfer the skills to your day-to-day speech.

The course has a 4.5 rating on Facebook and 4.8 rating on Google:

“Definitely the pronunciation lessons are working very well, my pronunciation improved a lot!” Rafa Paez, 2014
“The course has thought me a whole new way of looking at and listening to the sounds of English.” Adamu, Nigeria, 2015
”I can hear and how to pronounce IPA letters, especially vowels. I gained clarity. I very much appreciated the amount of pronunciation/ repetitions we did.” Cathy, France, 2013

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Courses & Levels

There are 2 group levels – ’45 Sounds of GB English’ and ‘Stress & Intonation’ – these give learners the key tools to make their pronunciation clear and accurate.

Level 1 – ’45 Sounds of English’

This is about the key elements of pronunciation – how to pronounce the 45 sounds accurately, how to choose them based on their spelling and key joining rules. Here you will learn the essentials for English pronunciation – mouth positioning, articulation and spelling to sound rules.

Level 2 – Stress & Intonation

Level 2 is all about the melody of English – how to choose stress in sentences, how to use fluid rhythms, and how to use pitch to show attitude. We learn several easy techniques to make your English sound clear and confident, and to distinguish more easily the attitudes and tones of native speakers.

Dates, Fees & Booking

All courses max 8 students per group.

8 week (evenings) & 2 day (weekend)
– £249/1 level | £449/ 2 levels

4 day intensive
– £399

8 Week Courses

8 x 90 minute classes.
Weekday Evenings

2 Day Intensives

2 x 6 hour days (10-17:00)
Saturday + Sunday

4 Day Intensive

4 x 6 hour days (10-17:00)
Mon to Thurs / Tues to Fri