Learn how to pronounce every sound of standard British English with Pronunciation Studio’s course book and audio.

Free Starter Pack (book + audio)

covering all the areas that learners of English pronunciation need in order to develop their knowledge and confidence:

How to use your mouth (tongue, lips & jaw) and voice to accurately produce the 19 vowel and 26 consonant sounds for every sound.

How to choose the right sound based on spelling – English can be confusing, but here we learn the rules and silent letters.

The phonetic symbol for each of the 44 sounds – essential for accurately pronouncing new words.

How sounds join together to form fluent connected speech, using strong and weak forms – all the rules and tricks.

Important variations found in British accents to help develop fast listening skills.

Words that are pronounced in the same way except for one sound, like the famous SHIP/SHEEP pair.

Each sound has a dedicated page with its IPA symbol, spellings, examples and practice sentences:

‘The Sound of English Pronunciation’ Starter Pack covers the 44 sounds of English


Every section uses a practical step by step approach ideal for both self-study and classroom teaching.

the entire course is accompanied by audio tracks and an easy to use answer key. In the ebook these elements are interactive, operated by touching or clicking on them. 


Audio Files

for drills and exercises – download or stream them. .



9 chapters each focussing on a different set of sound with full answer key. 



mouth positions and illustrations. 

Available as an ebook with audio or included with a Pronunciation Studio assessment class:

Ebook + Audio


– Instant download.
– Use on any computer or device.
– Stream or download audio.


Assessment + Book


–  60 minute 121 class.
– Book + audio included.
– Online (via Skype).

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