Learn GB Pronunciation in London

5 Day Course – Sounds, Structure, Intonation & Fluency.

In 5 days of practical training with IPA certified pronunciation teachers in Central London, you will walk away knowing how to pronounce the 45 sounds of GB English, joining and intonation. These are the keys to clear, accurate spoken English.

No more confusion about how to make and choose sounds, or where to place stress and intonation. Your pronunciation skills will improve long after the course as your listening, sound articulation and fluency develop. We use a GB (General British) accent model on the course, otherwise known as RP or BBC English.

It’s for advanced learners – no grammar, vocab or other skills, 100% pronunciation, intonation and fluency.

Really enjoyed the course. I became more aware of the mistakes I make and self-correct more often. I am able to distinguish different vowels better. The teacher was really knowledgable and patient.
Magda, Spain
The course has thought me a whole new way of looking at and listening to the sounds of English. This is a great little school.
Adamu, Nigeria
Almost everything was new to me especially stressed and weak vowels. A very professional, easy to understand approach.
Sandra, Spain
The course was very useful and very fun!
Olga, Slovakia
Before I took the course, it was quite embarrassing trying to speak with a British accent but now it is much more fun. I feel so much more confident.
Tare, Turkey
I have become more aware of English language pronunciation within space of 48 hours. I’ve gained better articulation and more confidence in the use of the language.
Chris, Nigeria
I loved the course, materials and class organisation. The classes were very practical and I enjoyed them all. I would definitely recommend this course.
Tsis, Italy
Learning with pleasure. Tom was very helpful and I’d recommend the school to my friends.
Anna, Poland
The tutors were highly qualified and fun. What I’ve learnt has been incredibly helpful. Every chapter had something which helped me to build on my exisitng knowledge. It was really good to be here and I did learn a lot.
Karan, India
This course has changed everything! Thank you very much!
Kamylla, Spain

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‘The Sound of English’ – 2 Parts / 2 Weeks

‘The Sound of English’ Part I

In class you’ll cover the whole 140 page course book (made by Pronunciation Studio – read about it here) in the most practical and effective way, with IPA certified teachers who have provided this course to thousands of students worldwide. Each 3 hour class is split into 4 sections:

1. Sounds
How to pronounce the 45 sounds of English correctly using your articulators.
2. Spelling to Sound
How to choose your sounds – long, short or double vowels, silent letters and voicing.
3. Structure
How to join your sounds together and use English weak/strong structures.
4. Intonation
How to use pitch, rhythm and stress in your speech.

Download the full syllabus here (pdf).

‘The Sound of English’ Part II

Part 2 covers Advanced Pronunciation & Intonation, going into more detail on aspects such as mouth positioning, joining, pitch & pattern. There is a strong focus on drills and conversation practice to take the skills into your every day speech. In class, students are encouraged to experience English as a native speaker does, with its full range of sounds and tones, the course provides the tools for students to reach an advanced level.

Download the full syllabus here (pdf). 

Further Information


The maximum number is 8, the minimum is 2. Our small group sizes ensure students receive individual attention in the classroom.
All of our courses are for advanced learners – people who can speak English to a high level and have no problems understanding a native speaker at normal speed. Our teachers don’t slow down, so it is important that you can follow them. If you are not sure that you have the right level, please contact us before booking to check.
This is possible if you are already comfortable with pronouncing the 45 sounds of English and you know the IPA symbols for them. If not, you must begin at Level 1. Our levels do not relate to level of English, they relate to level of pronunciation knowledge.
Once you have booked your course, you can cancel any time up to 5 days before the course is due to begin for a full refund minus £15 administration fee.
If you are in London you can take a free 90 minute group taster class – we hold at least 3 every week. If you are not in London, you can take an individual assessment via Skype with one of our teachers – this costs £45 and is available Monday to Saturday.
  • Small groups (2 to 8) of advanced students.
  • Highly experienced IPA Certified teachers.
  • ‘The Sound of English’ course book included.
  • 5 day course in Central London.
  • Practical, fun and effective methodology.
  • £295/course – 2 levels available.

Course Dates

We run regular 5 day intensive courses, if you cannot find a suitable date, please also check the 2 Day Accent Reduction program, which follows a similar, slightly shorter program over 2 to 6 days.

View 5 day intensive course dates here. 

You can book online to receive instant confirmation or alternatively call or visit us.

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E: info@pronunciationstudio.com

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This course takes place in Central London – 37 Gray’s Inn Rd, WC1X 8PQ, nearest underground stations are Chancery Lane, Holborn and Farringdon and numerous bus routes. The area is very busy with restaurants, hotels, offices and markets. If you need any assistance with hotel bookings, please let us know.