Online Individual Classes

Study 121 online via Skype with Pronunciation Studio’s expert teaching team.

I have definitely improved. People understand without asking me to repeat and I also understand others better.
I’m a lot more aware of why and when I need to correct my pronunciation. I also have greater understanding of vowels and consonants and my intonation has improved.
I learnt to pronounce sounds clearly and that not all the letters are pronounced in the words.
Xao, China
I understand now how English sounds are pronounced. It is very helpful for individual study.
Barbara, Poland
My pronunciation is better now.
I’ve learnt to identify my main weaknesses and how to improve them.
Lino, Portugal
I’ve learnt how to move my tongue when producing different sounds.
Francesco, Italy
I’ve improved because I now realise the mistakes I was making before. Tom’s approach was the best as he gave a lot of personal correction.
Marian, Holland
I really enjoyed the classes! I have improved a lot.
Waleed, Nigeria
Individual online training is ideal for those who would like to benefit from Pronunciation Studio’s teachers and methodology, but cannot take classes in London. Online courses feature:
  • Individually designed course based on your needs.
  • Flexible timetables – study anytime 09:00-21:00GMT as frequently as you choose.
  • Classes online via Skype video connection.
  • BA/MA Qualified, IPA Certified pronunciation teachers.
  • Reduced rates for batches of classes.
All of Pronunciation Studio’s programs are available online including all 4 levels of Accent Reduction, Elocution and Received Pronunciation.

Prices & Booking

1 Hour

  • (£50/hour)

5 Hours

  • (£45/hour)

10 Hours

  • (£39.50/hour)

20 Hours

  • (£37.25/hour)
Bundles are valid for 12 months from date of purchase.
REFUND POLICY – all individual classes are refundable minus £15 admin fee.