Online Individual Training

Improve your pronunciation skills online with London based specialists.

Take your spoken English to its full potential from the comfort of your home or office anywhere in the world. Via high speed video link (Skype) you can benefit from Pronunciation Studio’s specialist teaching team and learn the sounds, structures and intonation of British English, taking your English to new heights.

Classes are designed for you based on your needs, normally following an initial assessment. Your course will focus on all or some of: the 45 sounds of English, stress & joining, intonation and accent. Your teacher is an IPA certified specialist in English pronunciation and language teaching with years of experience. The method is practical and easy to follow, designed to always take your skills a step further, it is based on the PPP model (Present, Practise, Perform) which we have successfully used to transform thousands of advanced speakers’ speech.

Learning online is very convenient and effective. You can study at a time of your choice, between 09:00-21:00 London time. The courses are exactly the same as the ones we provide in London, your course materials will be in ebook format with audio downloads for each course. Pronunciation Studio’s course book ‘The Sound of English’ is included with your first class.

So whether your focus is elocution, accent or general pronunciation, and whether you speak English as a first or second language, you can take leaps forwards wherever you are. Most students start with a 60 minute assessment, which is where your teacher will analyse your pronunciation and show you how Pronunciation Studio’s method and materials work.

“It has been just amazing how in a few weeks I could go back to the recording studios and sound with much more clarity and finesse.”- Javier Fernandez Pena (Spanish Buzz in Toy Story 3) – Read Testimonials

Designed for you in London:

Individual training is designed to make the most direct improvements to your spoken English. Depending on your needs, your course can cover all or some of:

PRONUNCIATION – the 45 sounds of English.
VOICE – pacing and projecting your voice.
INTONATION – English pitch, rhythm and melody.
FLUENCY – how to join sounds and sentences smoothly.
PHONETICS – using speech science and phonemes to understand sounds.
ACCENT – learning how to pronounce a specific accent model.

60 minute online assessment class will define which of these areas are most important for your training. And the great thing about learning online is that you can study anywhere!

Courses & Prices

✓ One to one training – the fastest way to improve
 Individually designed to meet your learning needs
 Full ‘The Sound of English’ Ebook + Audio included
 Available 09:00-21:00 (London time)
 Learn with expert IPA certified teachers

Assessment Class (60 Minutes) – £69.99

1 hour £89 | 3 hours £249 | 5 hours £399 | 10 hours £749 | 10+ hours £74/hour

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Bookings & Information

To make a booking or if you require any further information about Pronunciation Studio’s online courses, please use the form on the right, or call us during reception times (9-5 Mon-Fri). Better still, pop in and visit us if you are in London (see map below).

To pay for your course, you can do so instantly using the secure online booking system, alternatively call or visit us.

Tel: 0207 4040777 / +44 207 4040777 (from abroad)


Address: 37 Gray’s Inn Rd, London, WC1X 8PQ

Simply any advanced level English speaker (native or second language) who would like to improve the way they sound in English. Different needs are catered for across our range of course options and all training is designed to meet individual requirements.
Pronunciation Studio’s teachers are available for training 09:00-21:00 Monday to Saturday London time. If you are studying from outside the UK, please check the time difference and make your booking using UK time. This link will tell you the current time in London.
The quickest way is to call us or write us an e-mail using the contact form at the bottom of this page. We will reply within 24 hours, so you can get started straight away if you wish!
These courses are designed for advanced English learners, your grammar and vocabulary should be high level as we will not focus on these at all, we only work on pronunciation and our teachers speak at normal native speaker speed. An IELTS score of 6+ is usually fine, if you have any doubts, contact us first to see if the course is suitable.
Practice is key to improvement and we recommend doing a bit every day. Unlike other language skills, pronunciation is physical so it needs repetitive practise. If you can manage 15 to 30 mins every day, you’ll soon notice the results.
You should gradually improve from class 1 as long as you practise outside of class. Some things will improve quickly like new sounds and mouth positions, others can take longer like intonation and joining. The key elements in improving are taking it step by step and regularly practising. Students normally result significant changes in the space of months.

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