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BA English
IPA Certificate

Lis Carter

Lis has over 10 years of experience as a language teacher having taught in Thailand, Taiwan, Korea, China, France and London. She has a strong knowledge of language one interference in East Asian and Latin students. Having studied English and gained the Bachelor of Arts at Leeds university, Lis went on to direct and teach in schools across Asia. Lis is Pronunciation Studio’s longest serving teacher and also head of media and communication at the school.


”All the teachers were extremely professional and very helpful. It was great to see the different teaching styles. You did an awesome job!” Lisa, Austria 2013

“Excellent teaching team. I met 2 teachers Lis and Zainab. Both of them were excellent!” Hakan, Turkey 2012

“Lis was very positive, knowledgeable and approachable. Excellent teaching.” Elena, Romania 2012

“Lis was an excellent teacher & teaching methods.” Olga, Poland 2011

“The teaching was amazing! Incredible!” Elena, Bulgaria 2010

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