Discover your level in English pronunciation and receive specific feedback in the following areas of your speech:


Which vowel sounds you produce accurately in terms of position (lips, jaw, tongue) and selection (19 sounds).


How you produce the 25 English consonant sounds and if your placement, voicing and selection are accurate.

Joining, Stress
& Intonation

How you join sounds together in natural speech – your use of stress patterns and pitch.

1st Language

Parts of your speech where your mother tongue is influencing your English pronunciation.

Your teacher will give you detailed feedback on the areas you are getting right, and which bits you can work on to improve your pronunciation. 

One to One Training

60 minutes’ tuition with one of our IPA certified pronunciation teachers focused on your speech.

Course Book & Audio

‘The Sound of English Pronunciation’ book and ebook with audio.


Your personalised map showing the areas to practise and study.


Assessments are available 09:00-21:00 Monday to Friday, 10:00-17:00 Saturday. 


All classes are currently one to one online via Skype (or other video app) owing to COVID-19 government restrictions in for travel and contact. When restrictions are lifted, we will resume face to face classes at 22 Bloomsbury Square, Holborn, Central London . London. 


£69.99 including the full course book with audio. You can purchase an assessment via card or Paypal here (please arrange the class with us first).


Fill in the form below and we’ll get back to you with an offer within 24 hours Monday to Friday. Alternatively, you can call us on 0207 4040777 to arrange your class. 

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