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We work with advanced level speakers who wish to improve their pronunciation, intonation and clarity in spoken English. Our team are professional English language teachers who specialise in phonetics. Founded in 2006, we have since taught over 10,000 students from all over the world. Our methodology is based in the rudiments of language learning PPP – present, practise, perform, ensuring our students apply what they learn in class in the most practical way. All of our course materials are produced in-house, our book ‘The Sound of English’ is used by schools worldwide and available to download or order directly from us.

Study Guide
I learnt positions of the jaw, tongue and lips and how to produce English sounds. Thank you very much – I’m impressed with the course.
Ryoko, Japan
My English pronunciation has greatly improved! As a voice over I work in English and the feedback I get from the producers is much more positive with regards of my clarity.
Javier, Spain
I cannot put it down into words how significantly my accent has improved. I can now conduct meetings over the phone without having to be interrupted with ‘pardon’.
Josh, Ghana
I learnt a lot about how to move my mouth to pronounce sounds and words and also how to stress words and give the correct English intonation. I really thank you for your patience when you teach.
Cristina, Italy
My husband doesn’t have to to correct me anymore! Thank you so much.
Svetlana, Ukraine
My diction is clearer. I have less doubts in a normal conversation. I learnt to pronounce words in a fluent conversation. I learnt to use proper intonation. It’s been a very varied and deep course
As a teacher myself, I can tell you – your teachers are amazing!!
Christina, Germany
Level Course Type Date Time
1 'The Sound of English' 8 Week 5/3-23/4 18:00-19:30
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1 'Free Taster Class' 90 mins 5/3 18:00-19:30
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1 'The Sound of English' 8 Week 7/3-25/4 13:00-14:30
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4 'Intonation' 2 Day 7/3-8/3 10:00-17:00
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2 'Advanced Pronunciation' 8 Week 9/3-11/5 19:30-21:00
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1 'The Sound of English' 5 Day 9/3-13/3 10:00-17:00
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1 'The Sound of English' 8 Week 11/3-29/4 10:00-11:30
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2 'Advanced Pronunciation' 8 Week 11/3-29/4 11:30-13:00
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2 'Advanced Pronunciation' 8 Week 12/3-30/4 19:30-21:00
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What can I learn?


How to pronounce the 19 vowel sounds of British English.


Placement, air control and voicing for the 26 consonants.

Sound Selection

How to choose sounds based on spelling.

Silent Letters

Which letters are silent and when.


Rhythm, pitch, stress and pattern (↘ ↘↗ ↗).


How to join sounds and words smoothly like a native speaker.

Weak Forms

How to use the English weak/strong structure.


We model GB (General British) in class, also known as RP/BBC English.

Why study pronunciation?

English is a different language when you know its sounds and melody, you’ll notice:

  • Confidence: no more being asked to repeat yourself.
  • Fluency: your speech will join & flow smoothly.
  • Accuracy: full use of the vowel, consonant and intonation system.
  • Listening: your ear will be more tuned to detail.
  • Long Term Improvement: pronunciation skills are for life.

How we work


Max 8/class

Study evenings, daytimes, weekends, weekly or intensively in small advanced level groups. New courses start every week, from £145.

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121 in London

Study when you choose 09:00-21:00 Monday – Saturday in Central London, flexible and effective. From £295/course.

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121 Worldwide via Skype

Via Skype video connection with our London based teachers: classes available 09:00-21:00 GMT Monday to Saturday. From £225.

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3 Ways to Start Today:



Take a 90 minute group class covering the most important sound in English – the schwa! 

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Find out your strengths and weaknesses in spoken English production – 60 minute 121 class.

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‘The Sound of English’

Try the first chapter of our course book ‘The Sound of English’ covering the sounds of British English

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Over 10,000 students have studied with us from all over the world, our clients include: